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April, 19

Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.Ecclesiastes 4:9 Pointing out the importance of partnership in ministry, the Apostle Paul wrote, "I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase" (1 Corinthians 3:6). Years ago, I would journey to remote villages with videotapes and tracts containing messages preached by T.L Osborn. Through those messages, many souls were won to the Lord, delivered from demonic oppression, and healed from varying diseases. T.L Osborn may never have been to those villages, but both of us will be rewarded by the Lord for the souls won and the lives that were touched by the power of God in those villages. What happened? T.L Osborn "planted" by preaching the messages, but I "watered" by ensuring the Word reached many more in those villages in the backside of civilization through those videotapes and tracts. You may not be the one that wrote the books or preached the message on the tapes, but when you participate in the distribution of such materials, you're taking your place as a partner in the propagation of the Gospel. In our ministry, we have several outreaches and media outlets used to reach the lost, and touch the lives of millions around the world. Take advantage of such God-given platforms, and make impact with the Gospel around the world. There's so much you can do to ensure God's Word prevails in your environment, city, region or country. For example, at one time or the other, you may have received this devotional free, or perhaps, you've been receiving it free every month; that's because someone else paid for you to get it free. What you should then do is to make the same happen for others by getting more copies of Rhapsody of Realities to give to others. Let someone else experience the blessing of God's Word through you. The Word of God is the wisdom of God. Studying the Word, and having your spirit suffused with revelation knowledge, will "help you live the triumphant life in Christ. Rhapsody of Realities provides millions of readers around the world that knowledge and seasoned understanding of the Scriptures required for a victorious life, on a daily basis.

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God didn’t say if you pray hard enough He’ll answer you; rather, He says 'whatever you desire when you pray, believe that you receive them and you shall have them' (Mark 11:24). That’s what faith is all about. You must understand that your requests in prayer don’t take God by surprise; He doesn’t start considering whether or not to answer you at the time when you’re praying. If He already knew what you wanted before you asked, it means He already had the answer prepared. So, what is needed to make the answer real to you is your faith. That’s what makes the difference! If you asked for something and didn’t get the answer when you wanted it, the problem wasn’t with God answering your prayer, perhaps you didn’t know how to receive. When you put up a request before God, receive what you’re asking for by declaring, 'Father I’ve asked for such-and-such, therefore I receive it now in the Name of Jesus.' Remember, you don’t say 'I receive it,' so that you can have it; you receive it because you know and trust that it’s yours NOW! That’s faith at work. Faith doesn’t try to get something to happen; faith knows and accepts that it has happened and therefore confesses and endorses it to be so NOW!
                                                                                                                           - Pastor Chris


I’m not a child of chance; I’m not a child of accident. God has prearranged my life for good. I walk those paths that have been laid out for me before the foundations of the world and I prosper in all of my ways.

Pastor Chris has held various crusades, conferences and life-changing meetings all over the world. We have seen the power of God heal hundreds of thousands of people, and experienced the glorious teaching ministry of Pastor Chris time and time again. Click here to read reports on some of these glorious meetings.


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All the works of creation reveal the glory and power of God and speak a message so clear you cannot fail to hear. God went further and revealed Himself to us through His Son Jesus Christ. The scripture declares Him to be the very image of God, and the brightness of his glory.
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