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The Effulgence of God’s Glory!

“The father’s purpose is not just to have the glory live in us. It was for that glory to so much soak us and for us to be completely inundated by it until we become inseparable with the glory; until we become the glory” – Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Moses begged to see the glory of God and when he did see it, it changed his life forever! Now that very glory resides in us today through the Holy Spirit. How marvelous!

There is so much to learn about God’s glory in today’s clip…

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As a Christian, you are on mission; you are not here for nothing.  Jesus wants to go in you; He wants to talk to others and to reach them. Let this knowing be a motivating factor, get talking to somebody about Jesus today. Remember, you are the effulgence of God’s glory!

God bless you.

For the continuation of this awesome message, kindly visit this blog daily for refreshing snippets from the Media Ministry of Pastor Chris. You can also get your copies of these messages; click here to visit our online store and make your order now!

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12 Responses to “The Effulgence of God’s Glory!”

  1. FELICITE says:

    Because I am in Christ , Jesus lives in me , and he is called the Glory of God , the Holy Spirit lives in me I am the glory of God , the effulgence of God’s glory , allelluia ,thank you Pastor Chris and God bless you

  2. Pastor Favour Desimhi says:

    The bible says: They which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one Jesus Christ. Yes because I am the effulgence of God’s Glory. I am reigning in this life. I reign over sickness, death, lack and defeat. Hallelujah. Thank you so much Pastor Sir for this light of God’s word.

  3. ATTAH ODOOM says:

    2 CORINTHIANS 2:14.
    Thank you Pastor for the message of Effulgence. It is all over me like a sweet perfume wherever I go.

    2 cor.3:2-3.
    Makes it clear that we are the letter Christ himself wrote not with ink but with Spirit of the living God on our heart.
    We are to send and deliver this letter, this sweet fragance and this effulgence we are clothed and filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to make the Glory of God known to the untold.

    Thank you Pastor.

  4. N. M. Madyo says:

    Pastor, you are so wonderful. Each and every time I watch your videos and listen to your messages I get inspired. It is as if you know how I am feeling, what I am thinking and what condition I’m in at the time. I thank you very much Pastor for your teachings. God bless you.

    Nomathemba Mirriam Madyo

    Bloemfontein South Africa

  5. Ellen Munemo says:

    thank you Pastor for the wonderful words of wisdom, my life has changed since I came in contact with your messages. I am so excited to know that I am the effulgence of His glory , wow.

    Thank you Pastor

  6. Martha says:

    This message has really blessed me and I am thankful to God for this. May God richly bless you Pastor.

  7. cheerful says:

    My! Its so refreshing and invigorating to hear such truth. I’m stirred right now and for me its reign-or-reign, nothing else will suffice.

    Thanks Pastor.

  8. Thanks man of God,yes we are the glory of God .Thank you Jesus for your endless love.

  9. Obasi Chinyere says:

    i am the glory of God and express image of his kindness…..THANK YOU PASTOR……I LOVE YOU SIR

  10. I’m inspired by the message and I now realise I have the Glory of God residing in me through the Holy Spirit. I must talk to someone and more people about Jesus every day. Thank Pastor.

  11. christine john says:

    Pastor thank you for this great message,for the revelation of knowing who i am in Christ. i love you sir.

  12. Mavelous teaching Praise the Lord, thank you Pastor

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