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Seeing the Extraordinary with the Eyes of God!

God wants you functioning in the Spirit. His desire is that you see with His eyes and then experience the extraordinary!

You want to find out how to achieve this? Get enlightened in yet another riveting clip from the Teaching Series – Priesthood & Sacrifices by Pastor Chris…

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

The Priestly Ministry as a child of God is the key! Awesome isn’t it?

If you have received the Holy Spirit then blessed are you; you have been given at least one gift of the Spirit and the Glory of God is revealed in your priestly ministry. Are you ready to start it off today?

There’s so much more to learn as you get the full episode of this teaching on TV Stations in your location today. Kindly click here for our International TV Schedule.

For more viewing delight and daily refreshening, kindly visit the Christ Embassy Broadcast Centre to watch clips of Atmosphere for Miracles with Pastor Chris and Pastor Chris Teaching.

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164 Responses to “Seeing the Extraordinary with the Eyes of God!”

  1. Desmond Brown says:

    Thank you Pastor Chris for this enlightening message. Though it is a short message, but very powerful and it will go a long way in making the home of every listener a place of worship thereby making that same home an atmosphere for the miraculous and supernatural.
    This message is a better foundation to start a cell meeting or a church service.

  2. segun aiyeobasan says:

    Thank you is about the only word that encompasses all words of appreciation but indeed its still not enough to express how grateful i am to you pastor.The message you have brought to this world is indeed THE message from God.I love you very very much dear pastor and will like to say Happy Birthday.You have given my life a meaning and i am still increasing in the knowledge of the word as i keep listening to your tapes and messages.Thank you for making yourself the example to follow in this generation.I have found my place in christ just by following your words.I cant thank you enough but i pray to God for you everytime that your words will reach the ends of the earth by the Holyghost.I am also making sure that this happens with my partnership.Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Egorr Eseoghene Loveth says:

    Dear Pastor Chris,
    You have shown me how to live a victorious life amidst the challenges of life. Sincerely, I have a better understanding of what God expects of me and I am applying it to my everyday life and situation and I am truly amazed at the supernatural works of the Spirit. It’s all about obedience and the rest is glorious! Thank you Pastor!

  4. AERNYI says:

    Dear master, thank you for the exposition. What am I living for? Nothing but for this gospel. My heart burns because, I want the whole world to know that my Jesus is the resident king. The name of my God is highly profane in my “world”. This is where idol have being the order of the day. Youths are held captives and deceived that God doesn’t want His children living well, following the tradition of their fathers thereby packing less than their fathers packing lot. Master , that the father worship on this mountain does not mean that is the right way of worship. God is Spirit and those whose worship him most do it in Spirit and in truth. Hence forth Master, there no time wasting for I am ready for this Course. Look at Hosea 6 Jeremiah 50, Ezekiel 22, and vision of “Gilead” terrible. The Priest here are murderers, sending men to hell and they them selves. I cant wait for this! More over my family is in pains. The word works! The Spirit, visited at ROR 23/11/07. Thank you.

  5. thank you pastor indeed is a YEAR OF THE SEVEN FOLD INCREASE AND AM BLESSED.

  6. george says:

    Thanks so so much pastor you really give me hope in prayers.

  7. florence oluwafemi says:

    Hello pastor,

    Thank you for showing me the the actual picture of the bible. May God bless you sir.

  8. Lethubuhle says:

    I am saved, I see things in an extraordinary way.
    WA what a mesage!!

  9. Samuel Nhatuve says:

    Thank u very much pastor Chris, your preaching has changed me so much.
    I am evangelist but the way I understand the word of God today after the preaching I had watched in love world Sat, and by reading Rhapsody of realities, I just can say it is wonderful, awesome, amazing… so I don’t have words to explain what I feel today.

    So, pastor thank you, God Bless you so much.

  10. Elvis Ojong says:

    Am a Cameroonian by nationality but i live in Nigeria, Imo State. for a very long time time i have totally fall in love with this man of God Pastor Chris and i have been praying that our Good God should give him everlasting wisdom, and the grace to bring many many more souls to the presence of God. plaese Pastor my is is to live by your words because you are the God i see and your words have great impact in the lives of every youth we are all greatful Pastor i will never want to miss you, please Allways pray for us we need your prayers every time every day.
    May our good God always replenish you with his power for ever and ever Amen.

  11. tariro Hazel says:

    thank myou very much Pastor Chris.You have changed my life.I thank God for you you are such a blessing to my life.For a long time i struggled in life because of lack of knowledge of the word then i met you and now i win everyday.My mindset has changed, i live by faith everyday.As i was growing up i had a dream to be so full of God and so much money.i could not find any university where i could be trained for this.it was in Christ Embassy that i started living my dream.I am making progress.now i have supernatural wisdom.i am ever increasing in grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. I love you Daddy.Happy birthday to you.

  12. Thank you Pastor your annoited powerful words had completely changed my life. Thank you once again for your enlightening message. May God mightly bless you in Jesus name. Amen

  13. Agnes says:

    Thank you very much Pastor for the revelation of the word and teachings which has transformed my life.
    I thank God for your life.

  14. Pastor Chris indeed you are a God sent to me and am deeply greateful to you because your teachers has already opened my eyes of understanding so much. l must tell you in all is my year of seven fold increase. Thanks a million you are really a father to many of us.

  15. solomonbarade says:


  16. Dudu Mahlambi says:

    Pastor Chris we thank God for your life, indeed you were sent. Pastor Chris you are so much of a blessing to us and our families, your teachings have greatly impacted our lives. We are now seeing things with eyes of the spirit. My knowledge is increasing daily as I listen to your teachings. God bless you and your family. HAVE A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR!

  17. Emmanuel okoh says:

    earthely people talk about michael jackson and his brothers,4 me each time i think about u and ur brothers or ur family set up i alway amaze, what a wonderful God gifted family. happy birthday.

  18. yvonne says:

    You are so much of a blessing to us . GOD bless U

  19. julius from italy says:

    Thank u pastor chris for teaching us the word of GOD soooooooooooo easily, i hope to see u face to face,greetings to ur entire household of faith and i wish u HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  20. osas evbuomwan says:

    Its been thrilling listening to Rev chris, am always talkup with Rev messages even when am talkd down dat means i will always get better i love you Sir

  21. osas evbuomwan says:


  22. NWANKWO JOY says:

    Dear Pastor, thank you so much for making the word so easy for us to understand. Truely pastor, you are the manifestation of God’s word.


  23. NWANKWO JOY says:


  24. Kate says:

    Man every word of you is so teaching. God Bless u

  25. Ayo Kola says:

    Thank God for pastor Chris.God has used him so much in supplying us such understand from the scriptures that is changing our lives for good.I pray God continues to reveal Himself the more to him so he can continues to be a blessing to us.


    Thank you Pastor, you a God sent to our generation to bless us. God bless you sir and Happy birthday in advance. we are now seeing thing with the eye’s of the spirit

  27. ancha says:

    Dear pastor
    Thank you for allowing our father to use you.Thank God for his words through you may he continually bless u and your ministry,family,and your listeners all over the world.

  28. Amen Pastor,if God can only help us to see with the spiritual eyes then we will never go wrong. thank you

  29. Ayodeji says:

    Happy birthday sir.

  30. Andy m says:

    Thank You Father for giving us a Pastor, Teacher, Prophet, Evangelist in our man of God Pastor Chris. Wisdom is flowing like rivers of pure water through him to us, to the nations, to millions, to families, factories, businesses, prisons , hospitals……Solutions have come. The word of God has become living and active in my life, in my family, in nations. I will never be poor again, i will never be sick again. I rebuke failure out of my life.

  31. Fagbenro Akolawole says:

    Thanks so much pastor.i love u.may ur days be long so that more generation will learn more about the word of Christ.

  32. Itohan says:

    Thank you very much pastor chris, am so blessed and am glad to have you as a teacher even though am a woman i do what you teach me in the blbe to do, so is like father like daughter, am a worshiper in a foreign country and i minister to the citizens in songs and they are so amazed and blessed and the are so suprise in the confidence i have to do what am doing for the Lord in their nation, i got the secret from you in the word of God, God bless you sir.

  33. adebayo motoni says:

    Thank you for changing my life sir.I accomplish more than 7 fold of what i achieved last year this year is really the year of seven fold increase.God bless you more and more and more.

  34. Enanga Priso says:

    thank you pastor Christ for this inspiring message of yours i pray God should always direct you to feed us with this your wonderful message. in fact it is very very educative as it help to build us from strength to strength. once more thank you and God bless you richly

  35. hello

    Pastor thank u for make my life and thank god
    for what he as dow …….abiodun .austin 07062623956

  36. Dorcas says:

    Dear Pastor l thank God for u His anointed vessel l desired so much the gift of teaching because that is the ministry of the HolyGhost l met u one late night on tv since then night after night l waited for ur teaching to be broadcast via God tv in Kenya when l relocated to Dubai l found Christ embassy Dubai and now its 3months of upward increasing growth in the knowledge of Christ Jesus through u His servant.Africa rejoice for Christ has been unveiled through this Great man we who were called the apes the ignorant and the last in civilization have now the light of God shinning on us.AFRICA WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.Amen

  37. Ofure Angela says:

    Dear Pastor, whe I first started listeing to your messages, I was homeless, broke, and in despair. Nine years later, it’s a complete turn around because you taught me how to re-create my world by seeing the unseen. Thank you Pastor for being obedient to the heavenly calling upon your life, if not, where would I have been by now? Thank you sir.
    My family and I wish you a happy birthday, and may God Almightly keep increasing you and yours in grace, wisdom and knowledge, until the coming of our Lord Jesus. The need for the knowledge of God’s word is so great -May the doors of all nations open up to you, so that you would continue to carry God’s divine presence to all people in ALL nations, Amen.

  38. Donald Tshabalala says:

    Happy birth day Pastor Chris, may god continue using to save the souls of this world,may you continue to listen to god. Enjoy you birthday!!!

  39. Divine Ajuh says:

    Dear Father,
    Thanks a million for this wonderful message. It is food for our soul. We can’t live without it, we can’t succeed without it, we can’t be secured without it. I can see extraordinary things because of the spirit of God in me. My friends always ask me that what is my secret behind my success. Coz i succeed in every thing i do. What i tell them is this: It is not by might, it is not by power but by his spirit says the Lord. Therefore, lets just believe in God and we shall see for ourselves. May God bless you Pastor and the entire crue of Loveworld. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, Thanks, that’s all i can offer to you.

  40. gadd Telli says:

    I feel proud and happy to recvd from u happy birthday and many more for us to be save. mun gode pastor Allah ya biya ka . iam wishing to just have a hand shake with you and checkmate the evil plans of the enemies.

  41. Samuel.o.Akinshina says:

    Pastor thanks for the compassion I always felt whenever i’m listening to you.I have learn to walk more in love.yes! truly you’re God sent to our generation.Happy birthday sir.

  42. Thank you Pastor. You make me what i am today. My ears and my eyes hears and sees life in a very positive direction. May God continue to use you in Jesus Name.
    Thank you Pastor.

    Kajang Martins(Ogudu G R A)


  44. Praise says:

    My Pastor,
    You are + 1 today, THANK GOD FOR HIS MERCIES AND GRACE Upon Your Life. Glorious and Greater Things GOD will use You to Do in this New year.
    Happy! Happy!! Happy!!! birthday Pastor,
    I LooooooooVvvvvvvvvvEeeeeeeeee YoooooooooooooooooooU.

    Fejiiro from Warri.

  45. Macaulay Onogoro says:

    Dear Pastor,
    Thank God for giving this generation a man like you to teach the word with great revelation that have touched and transform lives all over the world, and cause them to know who they are in Christ Jesus. May the Lord continually strengthen you to fulfill your ministry. Pastor we sincerely Love you and your wonderful family.
    Macaulay Onogoro

  46. Tshegofatso Mpinare says:


    Lord Is a GOOD GOD. Awesome GOD, Thank you Pastor Chris for your teachings, Every teaching, i get the meaning, and put everything into action, and it really works for me.Wow this a is a powerful one indeed. Thank Good with the man of GOD, Pastor Chris.


  47. BLESSING says:

    Happy birthday sir

  48. Blessing says:

    Dear Pastor Chris;

    I want to wish you a Blessed Birthday; you are a blessing to all mankind and you are blessing even to generations to come. I’ve been a member of Christ Embassy for more than 5 years and have been believing God for the fruit of my womb. Since I’m a Healing school partner I’ve always believed that Healing will reach me. I will not lose hope. Both my tubes have been damaged and cannot be repaired and doctors said I cannot coneceive; even my eggs are not good quality. But I will carry my own children.

  49. Oluwaseun Ajayi, Ilorin says:

    Thank you very much pastor, am so blessed and am glad to have you as a teacher, a great Motivator, my father and my mentor. I join christ embassy with a zeal to do HIS Will on earth and even since l ve been propell by a drive to keeping moving and never stop because daily you charge me with words and inspiration to face the day. Dad, you are the secret behind my success, as a person, wife and mother.

    WE LOVE U & WISH YOU A HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. The words u minister will continue to be visible in your lifes and loved ones.

    God bless you sir.

  50. Boni says:

    Thank you sir for being who you are in our lives. Also would like to wish you a Happy birthday say, words cannot express how appreciative and thankful i am to you.

    Happy birthday Sir!!

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