Posted at 8:23 PM on 2/26/2010
Pastor chris just had a higher life conference with the zone 5 churches in lagos nigeria. It was a 3-day program and each of the days were reli reli reli awesome. But the thing that amaze me most is that each of the meetings were different with great annoitings. Have you ever attended any of the higher life conferences? how was it? please lets share your thoughts.God bless...
Posted at 3:42 PM on 3/9/2010
we had our 2 week ago zone 2 , it was a wonderful experience wit God. Pastor talked on the topic"dis is the God's kind", he preach on Rom 10:9, d lordship of jesus over our life. Pastor said jesus is the manifestation of God's love express to man. '9wow'. His word says" greater love has no man than dis, for a man to lay down his life for his friend" isnt that great.God love us beyond our imagination.
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Posted at 1:28 PM on 3/12/2010
nice God bless u all
Posted at 2:34 PM on 4/14/2010
woooow... Zone 2 had a big big conference. I attended it.. and the last day was awesome.. cant forget the experince... congratsss Iyama
Posted at 12:52 PM on 4/21/2010
Thanks Abayomi, im glad i was giving this opportunity to share my experience. keep it up YOMI, u r doing a great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted at 4:37 PM on 4/21/2010
God bless you tooo, sis Ese
Posted at 3:20 PM on 10/10/2011
hmm... that was so owrsome!!!!!!i wish i would have been there in zone 2