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  1. We thank God for your life Man of God . You taught us the word we know how to stand when we are in troubles. when we are seek we know how to say the work .may God bless you more and more love you Pastor

  2. Sir I love you and I listen to your teaching so much… But sometimes I don’t understand God y me I’m working at toyota I was a general work but I applied for a post at work to apprentice I did and my salary wasnot suppose to drop but it did like half of my salary but other people they salary Didnot drop but we applied for the same thing this man who work as HR his a Christian who did this he costsave with my money .to save money for the company to take what belong to Me and for four years I will be earning less hoe that happened If the holy spirit rel lives in me I belong in him y this happens to Im dream I on hold. 2014 before I got this job I had a dream you blessing me the following week I got this job but one this happening to me….


    Am so bless to be in this generation with u sir because u have change the way i reason, think and d way i act. The word of God for you has bless me so much that I dnt need to tell people that I attend Christ Embassy, they just know by the I talk, behave and do thing. Thank u so much for be my father, mentor and pastor.

  4. Kelebogile Kgotlaetsile on

    Thank you Pastor for such wonderful , inspiring wisdom from God. I am a teacher since 2008 without promotion. I pray Lord god to promote me.

  5. Solomon ofosu Takyi on

    Am a guy of 30 years age and my life has been Something that I don’t know how to explain . Am now living in Europe Italy .pastor since I completed school no better job and the work that am doing wen am payed the money will just finish in my hand without knowing what I used it the for , any business I try collaps ,gambling has been my hobby I have been praying but yet still, so I want you also to help me in prayers

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