Pastor Chris’ Teaching at the Night of Bliss Johannesburg (Part I, II & III)


“He saved you for a purpose,” Pastor Chris exclaimed to thousands at the FNB Stadium.

The teaching anointing upon the man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, was phenomenal at the Night of Bliss in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Christianity is not about being brought out of something; it’s about being given something,” Pastor says in the featured video.


Pastor Chris’ Teaching at the Night of Bliss Johannesburg (Part I)

Pastor Chris asserts, “There is no poor Christian…you only have ignorant Christians!”

The teaching of God’s Word at the Night of Bliss Johannesburg fulfilled the message of the year as God’s Word began to dominate in the hearts and circumstances of the several thousand present at the FNB Stadium.

When you come to Jesus, you don’t only receive remission [removal]of sin, you receive an inheritance,” Pastor Chris said, shedding light on the inherent prosperity in the new creation life.


Pastor Chris’ Teaching at the Night of Bliss Johannesburg (Part II)

“You’re a joint-heir with Christ; your crying must now stop,” Pastor says at the Night of Bliss.

According to the riveting message by the man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, at the Night of Bliss Johannesburg 2016, the reason many Christians cry for a change in their circumstances and get nothing is because God already caused the change. That is, He [God] does not see the situation that holds such a one hostage.

God cannot see you poor, sick, defeated,” Pastor said, further enlightening the assembly, whose spiritual eyes received illumination right away. The featured video captures a segment of the message that would further shine a light on your possessions in Christ Jesus.


Pastor Chris’ Teaching at the Night of Bliss Johannesburg (Part III)



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  1. My name is Agnes Wanjohi from kenya. I attended the night of bliss and my life is never the same. I came to South Africa for only one purpose, to see the man of God with my own naked eyes.I felt in me that if I could only see him, my life would never be the same. I came back to Kenya on saturday night and attended my church on Sunday (Higher Life In Christ Church) my praise and worship team said that my face had changed and I told them that I look like Pst Chris. Hahaha, Thanks man of The God. I love you big and I will follow you to Zimbabwe .

    • Asnath Moloantoa on

      I am so excited to know that my life has been elevated from one level of Glory to the next. Night of bliss SA took me to another level and I will never in my life have doubts in my heart that something happened in my life and the lives of those around me for even years to come. I know we have been brought out to bring us to the land which God swore to give to our fathers!!! I Love you daddy! you are really a GOD SEND!

  2. i would like to thank the Almighty for the opportunity to attend the Night of bliss SA and see my wonderful pastor with my naked eyes, i enetered the stadium expectent and my expectation was realy answered on that night. i love you very much my pastor and may the Almighty extend u many more years to live

  3. Madelene Lopez on

    The worldwide nation has to hear the word of God as ministered by PASTOR CHRIS! The Word of God is alive and speaks TRUTH to everyone who receives! Pastor Chris was an amazing Man of God, the way he explains the Word of God is precisely deepened and thus screws in our minds and hearts. We are all hoping that you will visit us in Middle East one day. Godbless you Pastor! We are all praying for your long life and divine health. We love you so much!

  4. prisca chuulu fraefel on

    I want to find out when pastor Chris is preaching again in South Africa because I have vein problem and I want him to pray for me.please can someone answer me

  5. I came to night of bliss at FNB stadium that night my life changed completely i was blessed ,when is night of bliss coming back to South africa

  6. i thank God for chosen prophet, pastor and great man in this generation. pastor Chris has made me have a great change in my life as a christian. i think and reason differently because of the word of God through the pastor. I love his teachings and pray that God will continue to give his more and deeper revelation in His word in Jesus’ name. We love you so much in Kenya and believe that you will visit our country one of these days. GOD BLESS YOU, GOD BLESS CHRIST EMBASSY. AMEN

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