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Bless The World With Your Greatness:

GOD said to Joshua, This very day I will begin to make
you great in the eyes of all Israel… (Joshua 3:7 MSG).
There’re different kinds of greatness. And those whom the Scriptures describe as great are marked by certain traits and qualities, such as the demonstration of  supernatural power, signs, wonders and ability, supernatural
wisdom, or enormous wealth.
Take Moses for example; his life was characterized by different signs and wonders. Deuteronomy 34:10-12 tells
us, “And there arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses, whom the LORD knew face to face, In all the signs and the wonders, which the LORD sent him to do in the land of Egypt to Pharaoh, and to all his servants, and to all his land, And in all that mighty hand, and in all the great terror which
Moses shewed in the sight of all Israel.” Isaac, the Bible shows us, was wealthy. In spite of the famine and drought in the land, the Word tells us: “…the man waxed great, and went forward, and grew until he became
very great: For he had possession of flocks, and possession of herds, and great store of servants: and the Philistines envied him” (Genesis 26:13-14).
David was also great. By the anointing of God’s Spirit, he did marvellous things. As a stripling, he defeated Goliath of Gath and won many battles as king of Israel. How about
Daniel? The Bible shows us he was full of the wisdom of God;
this was marked by the divine revelations of God that he had.
He functioned with an excellent spirit (Daniel 6:3).
God has made you great, and your greatness is inborn, because you’re the seed of Abraham. God wants to use you to bless your world. He wants the world to benefit from your greatness. He wants you to do great things and impact the world with His seed of greatness in you.
Therefore, pay attention to His guidance in your spirit, for ideas and innovations. Let your heart be open to Him
to receive that inspiration,because it’s happening even now! Receive it by faith.


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  1. olusola olawale olayanju on

    Happy Easter Pastor Chris. i love you sir, thank you for changing the world. i love you dearly.



  3. Osasu Ogbomo on

    Happy Easter, My pastor, father, and mentor. You are the best,
    if I have to choose a hundred times over again, I will still choose you and your awesome teachings

  4. Uduak Isong Essien on

    Happy Esther Super Daddy, Thank You For The Power Of Your Mind, Just @ page 6 Now, My Life has Transform,

  5. Great man of God, we wish you and your family,both spiritual and natural, a happy easter. May He always use you mightily and uplift you. The resurrection of Christ reorensents our victory,to overcome any situation. Hallelujah! Glory to His name.
    Thank you Sir for your commitment to equip us. We love you so much.

    Leonce and noro
    Missionaries from Madagascar involving actually in South Africa

  6. As we celebrate this wonderful glorious blessings of Christ Pastor I love to tell you thank you for teaching,guilding.raising and pouring yourself these 18years I have had close contact and fellowship with you as a kid I grew up listening and living you today when I talk I hear your voice in me,when I dress I saw your style in me and when I pray is i see Gods answer through your voice saying this is the way…tbanj you and may this easter awaken a fresh fire and increased grace and anointing for the work…..I pray for you daily a heartfelt prayers…I love you passionately… dad and my hero…..

  7. Johnson Ausrine on

    You are the best pastor I ever come across, you explain the Word of God to my understanding and it has been working mighty in me. Thanks Pastor and may God continue to bless you with good health and more wisdom.

  8. Easter reminds us of Christ resurrection hence our Victory,God bless you sir for enlightening the eyes of many christians around the world all the time especially me.More Victories in your life not only in this season but every day in Jesus name.Amen

  9. Le diamant est roi parmi les pierres précieuses. Il est le plus recherché et le plus apprécié en raison de sa rareté et de sa beauté. Pourtant, cette magnifique pierre a l’apparence d’un vulgaire caillou au moment de son extraction.

    Cela demande le temps, l’attention et les compétences d’un véritable expert pour que le caillou devienne ce joyau d’exception.

    pasteur chris, vous êtes ce diamant ! Vous êtes cette pierre précieuse, ce joyau d’exception appelé à refléter la gloire de son créateur.

    Dieu utilise les temps et les circonstances de votre vie pour vous façonner. Il prend le temps de vous tailler afin que vous deveniez celui ou celle qu’Il vous appelle à être.

    Ainsi, ce qui parait être une épreuve, un obstacle ou un délai de prime abord est un outil entre les mains de Dieu !

    pasteur chris oyakhilome, vous êtes ce diamant prêt à briller de mille feux pour la gloire de Dieu !
    Merci d’exister,

  10. Obaniyi Omolade Adetomiwa on

    Daddy! Happy Easter Celebration to you. I love you beyond words sir😍 Thank you for everything #ceabujazone #ceukraine #cezaporozhye

    • Happy Easter pastor I love u so much pastor Chris you are the best. You will continue to move for Glory to Glory.

  11. Catherine Akande on

    Happy Easter to World’s best Father. Thank you for teaching us d way to go we will not depart from it

  12. Happy Easter celebration to you, Sir. I love you from the depth of my heart. Your selfless love and passion for the Master has ignited a burning flame in my life and inspired me to never settle for a life of mediocrity. I love you so much, Pastor. I pray that the liquid of Christ fills your live ever increasingly in this season. Cheers to my life coach, father, Pastor and mentor. I LOVE YOU😘😘😘😘😘

  13. Hope Udoenoh on

    Daddy I joined u years back in giving people’s life a meaning, and it’s so exciting, I want to say am grateful for sharing the word of God to us the way you do, you are the true expression of God’s love, I love Sir, and am grateful to God for you, tree of righteousness, we wouldn’t stop until we spread the gospel to the world, bring the lost souls to Christ. Happy Easter Dad.

  14. Longjohn Awesome Longjohn on

    Happy Easter my mentor!
    Pastors I love you, for you’ve changed my world by the revelation & knowledge of God’s word I’ve from you through the Holy Spirit.
    Pastor,sir! Is now that I’ve understand the basis of Easter.
    I love you my pastor & life coach!!!

  15. ernest mimshak on

    Happy Easter Pastor Chris, I love you so much, everytime I listen to your msgs it’s like Gods voice for direction . ♡

  16. Pastor Sade Cole on

    Happy Easter Pastor. Thank you for making the resurrected life real to us. My family and I are blessed because of you.

  17. Pastor Roshan on

    I cannot thank you enough for your input into my life by the Word you have given me. I salute you sir, may you go from strength to strength inspiring and impacting the nations of the world. I love you Pastor. Happy resurrection Sunday!

  18. A Warm Greetings My Pastor

    I just wanna say Happy Easter Dad, I love you so much – You gave My life a meanning. Thank you Pastor

  19. My Beloved and Dearest Daddy,Your ”YES” to the Call of Our Precious LORD and SAVIOUR ‘JESUS CHRIST’ has IMPACTED My Spirit GREATLY!

    Wishing You a Glorious EASTER CELEBRATION!
    God Bless You Dearest Daddy. God Bless You ” MOG’ of the Most High God.
    I Love You So So Dearly and Will Forever Love You.

  20. Happy Easter Pastor Sir, You are the VERY BEST…Thank you so much Sir for daily pouring yourself into us ..My life has changed tremendously….Ministry is beautiful because you thought me how to enjoy it, glory….This Easter, the Lord has kindled a Fresh Fire, Passion and Grace in you Sir and Ministry, New Levels, New Levels saith the Lord ….Enjoy the Holy Ghost Ride in these New Levels Sir. I love you Pastor Sir.
    CE Athens, Greece


    Thinking of you on
    Good Friday
    and praying that
    the Lord keeps you
    in his loving care always… happy Easter pastor….

  22. Happy Easter, Pastor! I got your new book as an Easter gift. It is amazing! Thank you so much! God bless you!

  23. Happy Easter to you Sir, Rev. Chris.. My life coach mentor for changing my world,I can now see beyond my space,world and nations

  24. Happy Easter to you Sir, Rev. Chris.. My life coach mentor for changing my world,I can now see beyond my space,world and nations. Thank you so much Sir, God bless you.

  25. Felix chimutanda on

    happy Easter sir thank you for the word you deliver from your spirit. Thank you for your time,sacrifice and devotion. Thank you

  26. Thank you pastor for impacting our generational with word of God we greatful to God for you sir .eavz3 main

  27. From the Bottom of my heart I say, Congratulations and Happy Easter to My Mentor, To My Father and to My Prophet, MY PAPA.
    Sir I earnestly covet the Honour, Grace and Blessings of God in your life. Sir I need them to build A Better Nigeria .
    Thank you sir and Happy Easter.

  28. Henry Tetteh on

    Happy Easter to You Sir. Thanks for helping give my life a meaning; I am grateful to God for your life and ministry.

  29. Jane Nyaruiru on

    Greetings to our papa Pastor Chris! Thank you for obeying your call to serve God. I am a great beneficiary. Jane – Kenya

  30. Nomthetho Poswa on

    Good afternoon sir; Thank you so much for acting on your confessions without any shadow of compromise in everything. May you continue doing what masters do best and that is producing other masters whose sole purpose is to recreate their worlds for the benefit of mankind. Thank you so much for the blessing you have given of having a God fearing family who’s purpose is to make good always. I love you greatly sir!!!
    South Africa

  31. Akintayo Favour on

    God bless you sir.Happy Easter in arrears.Keep on shining.Thank you for encouraging and empowering youth Thank you.

    Favour, Nigeria.

  32. Xenia Wedekind on

    Happy Easter Pastor Chris!!!! God bless you and all Christembassy Churches over the World!!!
    Thank you very much for encouraging me, my familly, my friends and all Christians around the World!!!
    Thank you Pastor Chris for the Conference Ministers Visitation Program and School ISM for changing Ministers from diffrent Nations to the Lord!!!
    God bless you always!!!

  33. Nwaeme Daniel C. on

    My Pastor and Daddy, thanks for being available to God, He use you to touch my life, looking at you and hearing you made my music ministry and talent come alive, and today I have written many classic songs to my credit, I believe in Sir, You have impacted many life, young talents and many others, may God keep blessing you my father. In JESUS name. Amen.

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