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Every year, 5.8 million CHILDREN DIE FROM HUNGER related causes..?

BE THE CHANGE… Join the movement to #EndChildPovertyNow.

For more information visit the InnerCity Missions for Children


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  1. Bro Stanley izevbizua on

    Thanks our partners and our great man of God for showing the children liquid love of Christ.
    Please I have a child I want to send to the inner-city mission,but I don’t know how to go about it.i will be glad if I can get a feedback. Thank you pastor and partners

    • pastor oliver kumar on

      Dear, Pastor I Very Happy to day i looking your website. I very Impress . I have many poor children in slam area.
      that`s pea rant very poor that is not gift good food,good cloths,shoes that parson is not qualified please you pry for that`s children and pea rant . I am also not qualified but god give me good knowledge in biblical thanks god,
      ” God is Great ” I Have Three Daughter and 1 son my one daughter is hart Peasant pl.pry for him that`s name is mini kumar age is 12 year that is very weak doctor telling me arrange the Operation but i have not arrange the Money i believe in Jesus my god arrange the Avery thing . So all people are my Daughter, pray for. I am confident in my daughter’s May your prayers and your wife will recover thanks to God in the midst of my service is poor Logoke we have our church building. Hu ta discount books in the Lord of AIDS patient prabhu Hu says the Lord, and information to the patient. Bnchoki picture you send in your ministry and remember you in our prayers. My Address Poster oliver kumar ( Pol sing ) A/p: Bandalawadi (Gunwadi ) Tal: Baramati Dist: Pune . Mob. No.7774880375

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