The Impact of Soul-Winning



There is a depth in God that no man will know until he starts witnessing. There’s a power in the Kingdom of God that will not be released within your system until you start sharing the Word about Jesus. There are signs and wonders you will never see until you start preaching the gospel. When you’re preaching the gospel, you’re doing God’s number one job. This is not preaching the gospel when Christian friends are gathered; it’s making the gospel known to those who don’t know it, telling the untold about Jesus.

There’s a way you get to know and experience God through sharing Jesus that you never will with twenty years of Bible study. No Bible school can teach you about God this way, you experience it by sharing God’s Word. He shows Himself alive to you and nobody can teach you about Him that way.

This is why you must make up your mind to join a chariot if you’re not already in one. Make soul winning your life commitment. And as you do this, God’s presence will come on you in a very special way, more than you could ever imagine. Then He can trust you with the souls of men, because He knows you are after the treasure in the chariot.

Extracts from the book ” Join this Chariot

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