Miracle Healing and Impartation Services Kicked Off in Earnest

An atmosphere of worship kicked off a special time of impartation with Pastor Benny Hinn. LMAM artistes, Sinach, Eben, T-Sharp and more ushered thousands of Pastors who had gathered from different parts of the nation in dispensations of worship and praise.

As Eben led the song ‘You Are God All By Yourself’, the man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, walked into the auditorium with his guest, healing minister and evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn. With gracious words, Pastor Chris spoke of the impact of Pastor Benny’s ministry on the lives of millions and his own life in particular, through the book ‘Good Morning, Holy Spirit’! “Pastor Benny has been to Nigeria before, but I can say that this is his first time with the new generation,” Pastor Chris declared! In his response, Pastor Benny expressed his gratitude to the BLW President and thanked God for the birth of a friendship he said “will last forever”! Speaking from the words of the Spirit to Him concerning the program, Pastor Benny said “this is a new beginning for me!”

BLW President Warmly Receives Pastor Benny at the Special MHIS Meeting With the Pastors.
Speaking laudably of the impact of the guest minister’s life on countless millions around the world, Pastor Chris said, “I don’t think you’d ever know all of us whose lives you impacted until you get to Heaven!” The man of God went on to describe the value of the book, ‘Good Morning, Holy Spirit’ to his personal walk with the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Benny Speaks Prophetically of Pastor Chris’ Ministry
Following the BLW President’s inspiring introduction of the healing minister and evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn expressed his appreciation for the opportunity to be in such an atmosphere with ministers of the gospel.

“The Holy Spirit has become, in some places, not only unknown but unwanted,” Pastor Benny said, acknowledging the fervent hunger for the ministry of the Spirit which set this particular congregation apart. He also appreciated the unique teaching ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris, saying “very few men today are declaring the message of the Holy Spirit.”

Pastor Benny Shares Three Products of The Anointing In The Believer
Teaching the delegation of Pastors at the LoveWorld Conference Center, Pastor Benny Hinn discussed three products of the Holy Spirit’s presence in the life of a Christian — hunger, faith and love.

“Hunger is the sign of life; the first thing people lose when they are sick is their appetite,” Pastor Benny revealed, as he explained that the Holy Spirit’s presence causes us to come alive to God. He further explained that the love aspect of these products is “that you know God is listening, you know the Bible is His Word, you know you are His.” Of the third component, he said “love means you want to spend time with the Lord!”

Pastor Benny Hinn Illustrates Our Oneness with God’s Spirit
Using two bottles of water and a cup, the cup to represent the human body and the water content of both bottles to represent the Holy Spirit and the human spirit, respectively, Pastor Benny illustrated the mingling of the Holy Spirit with the human spirit at salvation.

“The Holy Spirit took over your spirit completely; therefore, your spirit man is now mingled with the Holy Ghost,” he said. Taking reference from 1 Corinthians 6:17, which reads “but he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit,” he further demonstrated that we are now totally engulfed in the Holy Spirit.

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  1. Pst Eze Uchechukwu Patrick on

    This is awesome! Two great generals coming together for an Healing and Impartation Service, Rev. Christ and Pst Hinn are fulfilling Scriptures.
    God bless you sirs
    Lots of Love
    From Pst. Eze Uchechukwu Patrick
    Lead Pastor
    Take Charge World Inc

  2. WOW! I can’t wait to see it on Loveworld Sat! I am so excited. Thank you Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny! Both of you are awesome!

    Milli Nega, from Asmara, Eritrea

  3. Hallelujah! It’s gonna be GOD MANIFEST! Thank you for ministering life to this generation. We are glad you were ever born! God INCREASE in you, men of God

  4. Kent Dollar Okonosa on

    God Is Big. awesome; i can’t wait to see you Daddy, this my month of increased grace, to do more for God. pastor sir, thank you sir for this great opportunity and am glad to be here sir, i love you pastor sir.

  5. Great Prevelage, mighty Annointed Men of God, Pastor Chris, & Pastor Benny Hinn Great Blessing and Annointing for Africa.
    Shower’s of Blessing Signs , Wonders , Miracle and Life Changing Expirience .
    Our prayers
    Love U

  6. Something I prayed for about 15 years ago as a new convert in this ministry. Talked about with my siblings,with much excitement and enthusiasm back then. Expectant that someday these two God’s generals will feature in the same meetings,ministering the miraculous to the world! Little did i know it was God’s perfect will for us (His kids). Blessed am I to witness this day and be a part of this epoch making event! Blessed am i to witness answered prayers of this magnitude to bless the world. May God use you mightily in these meetings! I love you pastors!

  7. This is a meeting divinely orchestrated by the Spirit of the Living God. This is a divine appointment you should not miss. The miraculous would take place, healings, deliverances, promotions and increase in grace. Indeed it is a month of increased grace. Meet God there. Let nothing stop you, not your landlord, not traffic, nothing, be there! Hallelujah, be there!!!

    And take advantage of this event, don’t participate in the flesh, participate with your spirit, and great shall be your reward. Come expectant, come with a purpose, come to soak in, come to leave greater, come to receive something to make a tremendous impact in your world for GOD in a much greater measure.

    In the future, be amongst those who would say “I thank God I attended the meeting with Pastor Benny and Pastor Chris, the Spirit of God has made me a global wonder.”

    God bless you mightily. God bless the men of God. They will always be in prayers.

    The meeting is already a success.

    Hallelujah. Thank you Holy Spirit for all you have done in the meeting. I praise you Lord Jesus. Glory to God forever! Amen!!

  8. how I wish to sit there and listen to the words of wisdom pouring out from their lips. the gracious lifting words.
    this is more than Peter and Paul being together in a single meeting. we are expecting the “upper room” experience? Yes! definitely the anointing is going to hit, shake, and move the arena. tighten your belts!

  9. Lebrakadosha……i cant imagine how powerful it will be.
    Even us in Uganda shall surely partake of the grace that will be increased in Africa on that day.
    I cant thank God enough for the unforgettable experience here in Kampala last Friday at Mandela National Stadium. I was soooo blessed and my blessings keep increasing day by day..I cant imagine how great it will be when these two God’s Generals share the pulpit.
    God bless LOVE WORLD MINISTRIES and God bless Pr.Chris.Long Live General Sir…I LOVE YOU PAPA.

  10. Victor igbinosa on

    Am really excited, I have followed the ministry of these great men of God from the early days of my Christian work, I believe this is my time to be transformed, thank God am alive to witness this meetings

  11. I saw this on Facebook but thought it was a rumor, I then checked it on wwww.christembassy.org, web portal and it is true. What a complete power pack combination, it’s indeed a ‘Total Experienc’_ with God’s own Generals. The things which we have heard and now we can see it…., may the grace of God Almighty be poured in abundance, there shall be miracles and endless testimonies that would follow. Please don’t be too rigid, open up your spirit to receive the impartation from these anointed servants of the Most High God.., I shall be there in Jesus Name.

  12. I pray a special grace to be released on the earth. A grace that has never hit the earth before as Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny meet. May there be an invasion of new territories like the Arab countries and places hard to penetrate before. Amen

  13. What an incredible, astonishing, amazing & extraordinary program in Nigeria… It was wonderful… The Lord did a great job by touching, healing & transforming lives… Wow… I love Jesus…😘 You are wonderful Pastor Chris & Pastor Benny Hinn… Thank you for this beautiful opportunity


    Gradibralahgadroshilas…! I thought it was a dream but truely I was live seated face to face to these two uncommon generals of our time as they minister in songs,prayers, prophecy & the word at MHIS Lagos Nigeria. I have attended meetings in my over 30years of Christian life yet I have never been blessed, refreshed & Holy Ghostlized like in this meeting. Hallelujah! God bless my mentors Pst Chris & Pst Benny Hinn. I love Christ Embassy!

  15. Fantastic Meeting!! I was so blessed by being at MHIS. I received healing in my eye sight…..after struggling with eye aches and light sensitivity over the last 5 months….Praise Jesus. Looking forward to more of this . Thank God for Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn.

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