Avoid Desperation — Grow Your Faith in the Time of Peace!

Pastor Chris teaches: “you’ve got to learn the Word in the time of peace!”
Pastor Chris said, “in the day of crisis, it’s only what you have inside that will come out,” emphasizing the importance of storing up God’s Word in our hearts.
“You’ve got to learn the Word of God in the time of peace, when there is no trouble as yet,” he taught, also assuring the brethren that the day of trouble will surely come, but it was designed for us to win! The man of God clarified that “faith is not something you push from the mind.” “It’s in the spirit,” he explained.
Watch the featured video, and learn how to avoid desperation by growing your faith in the time of peace.
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  1. I thank God for you man of God.I have been
    watching your videos since more than 15 years…I just love hearing your talks… they are so inspiring …it has helped me and my family a lot…Please continue to keep us in your prayers..God bless you ,your family and your ministry

  2. Nomsa Gwatiringa on

    Glorious Easter Pastor Sir

    I will continue to sow the word of God into my spirit so when the day of evil comes l will respond with rhema from my spirit. Glory o God.

    I love you Sir. Thank you for teaching me the word.

  3. Bulus Gwom Pam on

    Thank you pastor sir you are really a father indeed! thank you for inspiring us every day with God word you ‘re a blessing to this generation

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