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  1. Patrick & Monica Philips on

    Happy Birthday Pastor Chris! We pray that God continues to bless you exceedingly, abundantly, above all that you could ask or even think. Thank You for all thatyou do fit the body of Christ. In Jesus mighty name amen.

  2. Bello Samson Oluwatosin on

    Happy Birthday Sir Pastor Chris, Till I get to heaven I shall not cease specially thanking God that you came my way, you were the one that filled my thirst of knowledge at the age of 21yrs that I longed for since when I was 14yrs.You brought a new chapter into my life..I now understand righteousness, I understand what a new creation means, I understood that I am bigger than the devil and the economy of this world, you made the name JESUS come alive to me, these pages cannot contain the numerous testimonies of my life since I met you, One of it was when death came and I overcame and now I know that I can die no more…Thank you Sir, thank you so much, so much and so much and so much and so much..I love you pastor and it is my prayer that every of we your children that you have brought up in the way of the LORD shall not derail and continue to follow the path that you have laid before us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR…I LOVE YOU

  3. Happy birthday Sire.!
    Thank you for being who you are really.
    Since I met you, its been upward and forward. Thank you sir.

  4. Pst Mary Ogbodo on

    Happy birthday Pastor Sir.
    You demonstrate the love of Christ with such simplicity and strength, I look over my life and I realise you were brought into my life for such a time as this. You gave me confidence to pursue my purpose, my destiny, to see the impossible as bread for me.
    Pastor you are a rare and precious gift from God to me and to generations,I am grateful. Thank you for who you are. I celebrate you. Love you Pastor

  5. Happy Birthday Pastor! Thank you for being a blessing to my life. Words cannot describe how much you mean to me. I love you dearly. God bless you.

  6. Pastor Sunday Peter on

    To my mentor, role model, and friend, I say happy birthday Pastor and many more fruitful years of impactful and impartful ministry sir. God bless you sir.

  7. Happy birthday to the most wonderful man of God, our pastor,father, teacher, mentor, instructor and life coach! There is so much to say about you sir Rev.(Dr. ) chris oyakhilome , we love you so much. You gave our life a meaning through the word of God impacted in you, we Receive strength and ability to do all things, may God continue to use you to bless the nations of the world, you are the gift of God to our world your teachings all this years has elevated us and caused us to triumph always in life. your love motivates us to be better and do more for the kingdom of God, you are worth more than a treasure to us and to the world, may God increase you more and keep Blessing you Abundantly. We love you sir, HAPPY birthday sir.. We celebrate you always

  8. happy birthday Pastor (REV). i thank God for using you to bless the world. especially me and my family.
    we have known the word thro you. which is deeply in our spirits. let the father give you long life, so that many will be save. you have made us to strong and couragious thro the word. may God bless you more.

    Thanks stay bless pastor.

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