Mid-Year Pastors’ Refresher Course 2017


The Mid-Year Pastors’ Refresher Course (19th – 21st June, 2017) is a special training program for all Pastors, the Deaconry, Fellowship Coordinators and their spouses in the BLW nation.

At this special conference, ministers from all across the Believers LoveWorld (BLW) Nation will congregate at the LoveWorld Conference Centre for yet another time of fellowship, refreshing and upgrade with the Word and Spirit of God.

More information regarding the upcoming Mid-Year Pastors’ Refresher Course is available for all qualified delegates at www.cepfonline.org.

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  1. I was wondering when is Pastor Chris coming to Oahu, Hawaii. I was watching his program with Benny Hinn in California and one of the Pastor wonder if he could come to Hawaii. If he does can you email me please, I always watch his program on youtube and it’s inspired in my relationship with God. His teaching got me so fired up that i just start reading, speaking, acting upon God’s word. and always try to speak in tongue at all time.. Oh there is so much that I learn form his message that help me in my walk with God. I am a Pastor of the Grace Full Gospel ministry me and my husband. Please email me so that way I can take of work early and come to see him….. Thank you, and God bless…

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