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  1. my name is Beverly blanek ,I had a very bad bike accident on July 4 2017 I fell asleep while coming home from feeding the homeless at the beach, that’s what I do Pastor Chris. I’m a minister birth from C.E. hi. its my Church you know my Pastor Leafe Amosa ,. I was on my way home at about 11:50 when I fell asleep on my bike ,I ran straight into Kave bushes ,I hit a ditch and was thrown off the bike head forward . after I trid to yell for help but realized that I couldn’t yell ,I knew I had broken some ribs. So the Holy Spirit helped me get up . I told the Holy Spirit it was just me and his and to please help me or I would not be found. I had internel bleeding , I had ruptured my spleen . So we went in frount of the bike witch was turned around the other direction . he pickd that broken bike up and put it on the road headed home. Praise God my son was in the garage. I banged on his car , he took me hosp. where I had emergency surgery. I didn’t really come awake until that night. I was healing at a amazing rate already,I asked them to please get me out of the bed on the 4th in the evening. couldn’t lay there ,Holy spirit told me get up I had a N.G. tube in me for three days. But I still got up and down by His Grace, thank you Jesus,but when they took that tube out we started running me and Jesus up and down the hallways . I went home on the 10th still with sutures and all . I’m sitting at home waiting to get out the stiches out. Ive already been out feeding again with my MOG now.even went in to help deliver a baby today .Praise GOD ALWAYS. SISTER ANN AT C.E HAWII. I WANTED TO SHARE MY TESTAMONY ON who I am I AM A CHOZEN GEN. THANK YOU MY LOVING PASTOR CHRIS.

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