The Word is Working: Read this Inspiring Testimony


This month of February is a very special month. It is your month of Consolation in the year of Greatness. When God begins to increase your greatness, it doesn’t just happen by you waking up to say ‘O boy! Am greater.” it does mean that there will be greater challenges to your life.

However, as you stay in God’s Word, Victory is sure!

Here is the testimony of Seun A. who was comforted in the Word and experienced a great testimony. Read, be inspired and share your experiences on this platform. God bless you!

Seun from Nigeria

Thank you for this privilege to share my testimony on air Pastor Sir. My testimony is actually about how I received supernatural healing from God through our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD after the last Sunday Global Communion Service. Before coming for this spectacular service I knew deep in me that I was coming to put certain things right and straight concerning my health. From my childhood days, I had been a victim of ‘fileria’ as its commonly called. This continued up to when I came to Christ Embassy. I continually took drugs after three months against this ailment. As I went on declaring prophetic words to myself concerning my health, I started realizing that I could stop taking these drugs because the Word of God shows me that I am ‘a healer’ and not even that I am ‘the healed’.

It so much dawned on me that before coming for that service, I had prepared my spirit and myself that I was coming to receive that divine healing since the Spirit of God told me that I needed the service in order to cleanse my system. As our man of God ministered and gave the Communion, I took it knowing fully well by the understanding of the spirit that I was actually taking healing and cleansing directly from God through Our man of God.

Some few days later I noticed that the itchy sensation I felt all over my body ended and from that day till date I am very fine and I thank the Almighty Father for using Our man of God as the medium to heal me completely. I also know that I will never take any drug in my life as the Spirit of God continually lives and leads me in life. Thank you Sir- my teacher.

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