Worship and Miracle Communion Service,’ CE Abuja


Posterior disc bulge realigned, many healed, during ‘Worship and Miracle Communion Service.’

For the brethren in Christ Embassy Abuja Zone, the Worship and Miracle Communion Service with the man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome PhD, was an opportunity to be translated into a higher realm through fellowship with God’s Spirit, knowing that they would never be the same after the meeting.

As the meeting commenced, the atmosphere was charged, and the presence of God was tangible in the auditorium; many experienced the influence of the Holy Ghost as they worshiped. In the move of the spirit, many received miracles in their bodies as the man of God uttered powerful prophetic words into their lives.

Bro SaintLuke Ndubuisi testified to a miraculous healing. On Thursday, June 4, while walking to the car park, he was struck suddenly with a severe sharp pain in my lower back region. Unable to walk, he was carried to the hospital where he was diagnosed with L5/S1 posterior disc bulge, a condition resulting from spasm in his lumbar muscles and a bulge in the lower spinal cord.

During the service, the man of God gave a word of knowledge about a man with a spinal cord problem and commanded a miracle. From that moment, Bro. SaintLuke received his healing, and by the next morning he was perfectly well.

At the end of the service, it was obvious that destinies were altered as the communion was taken to seal the exceptional manifestation of the spirit of God in the lives of the brethren.

Culled from: Loveworld News

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