Inspiring Accounts of the Efficacy of God’s Word


What a glorious month we’ve been having worshiping and sowing  from our spirits and according to His Word! We’ve been singing, offering the fruits of our lips in worship and also enjoying a glorious time of fellowship with the Lord in the realm of the spirit. Hallelujah!

Today, we bring you a selection of some of inspiring testimonies from around the world of people who have experienced the efficacy of God’s Word as a result of the glorious union with the Spirit of God.

Read and also share your personal experiences and testimonies on this platform, bearing also in mind that when you testify of God’s goodness, you glorify Him and the miracles are established in your life. God bless you!


Toun From Nigeria

Pastor Sir, it’s my sincere opinion that the words “Thank you” are too small to quantify and express my gratitude to you for teaching me the Word of God; for molding my life with the Word of God and for teaching me to use the Word to create the kind of life I want to live.

Through the various encounters with you sir (on the website and meetings with you), I have been inspired by the Spirit of Excellence so much that if I am involved in anything less than excellent, the Holy Ghost will not permit it to work out.

For example, in the month of March, I gained admission into one of the top three, most prestigious universities in the world for a Masters’ degree program. Indeed, sir, nothing in this world is too good for me.

In April, our month of testimonies, I received two scholarships and funding to carter for all my schooling costs such that I would never have to pay a kobo. Indeed, if I can’t afford it, I’ll get it for free!

In the month of June,  so much power was made available such that everyone in my family received a miracle – a special gift from God. Most spectacular amongst them was my mother’s shop, which was spared when burglars came into the compound where her shop was located. Goods and cash worth millions of naira were carted away by the robbers but my mother’s shop was not broken into.

This July,  on the first day of that month, even before the Word for the month was proclaimed, I had already started living in it’s reality. I got my visa approved to stay for a period longer than is required for my studies and this came without stress and in less than a minute of interaction with the embassy officials. I could keep going on and on. Indeed, sir, I am set on a course that I must follow! I live a life of favour! Glory to God!


Rudo From Zimbabwe

Thank you Pastor for leading us in the way to consistently walk in victory over the devil and glorify God. Glory to God for His faithfulness as shown in the other testimonies posted on this website.

I am inspired and I’ll share just one of my many testimonies of victory. We had a debt running into several thousands for utilities at home since 2008. I had been in a season of growth and I knew it would be over soon by the grace of God. Pastor, I could not pay the bills but I trusted God for a solution according to His riches and glory.

Since last year, I kept receiving letters of final demand and finally I received a notice to hand over to the lawyers. Each time I received a letter, I would take it into my prayer closet following the example of Hezekiah in the book of 2 Kings and I would pray over it and also praise Him for His faithfulness despite the fact that the debt kept growing.

Then, this July, the Government announced that, as a matter of policy, all such charges be written off for the period up to 30th of June. It affected almost all citizens especially those in urban areas debts but others had been paying. Mine was among the highest so I am overly grateful to the Almighty – the forever-faithful God! Hallelujah!



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