Highlights From MY-PRC 2015


Highlights of Mid-Year PRC 2015

Ministers in the BLW Nation congregate for a time of learning and refreshing.


The Mid-Year Pastoral Refresher Course, a first of several events in a week packed with opportunities for spiritual advancement in the BLW Nation, is currently on, and it has already exceeded expectations.

Pastors, Deacons, Deaconesses, Coordinators and other delegates have converged in participation venues throughout the world to be edified and rejuvenated. As the Director of Church Ministry and Organization, Rev. Tom Amenkhienan emphasized during last night’s opening session, the Mid-Year PRC is a course by the implication of its name; as such, it is a time of learning and assessment for more notable accomplishments.
The program thus far has been a spectacle of extraordinary worship, inspiring times of prayer and learning through talk shows, special sessions and the special session with the esteemed Rev. Tom.

“Every human person can believe,” Pastor says, during the session.

The ongoing Pastoral Refresher Course with the man of God, Pastor Chris, has imparted superior understanding to thousands of ministers gathered at the LoveWorld Convocation Arena and in auditoria throughout the world.

Last night, the tempo rose as the man of God shared several instructive and inspiring revelations with the brethren. In the short but stirring video featured in this post, Pastor talks about the capacity of every human person to believe, saying “believing is perfectly natural to us,” because we’re spirit beings.

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