Adina Vanderpuye Testimony

What do you do when it seems there is no hope for a bright future? This was the state Adina Vanderpuye found herself when she received the diagnosis of spinal stenosis; bound to a wheelchair and seeking relief from the constant pain, she turned to God for a solution.
At the Healing School, the power of God totally transformed Adina. She can walk again; there is no more pain and no more limitations. God is still doing miracles today. He touches everyone, at the right time and in the right place, giving them the miracles they desire.
The Healing School Summer Session in Toronto, Canada is the set time for many to receive their miracles. Be a part of someone’s Healing School testimony today by: inviting or registering someone for the session; praying for the session; and, giving towards the session.
Culled from: Loveworld News
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