Testimonies of Victory By The Word From Past Healing School Students


Many have had their faith rekindled as they listen to awe-inspiring testimonies of several people who were specially touched by the power of God at the Healing School.


Ruth Wolframe shares her testimony of total restoration and liberation from hearing loss, visual impairment, whiplash and degenerative disc disease. At the Healing School, the man of God ministered to her and declared her free, and she is indeed free to live in divine health.


Lynetta Davis, 59, testifies of total restoration ever since she got healed of fibromyalgia and carpal tunnel syndrome. Now, she can use her hands without any pain and there is no more depression, fatigue or weakness; her life is back to normal with no discomfort whatsoever.

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  1. Davis Homodza on

    Remember,jesus performed many miracles,it is the people who were healed who believed in miracles not the ones who did’nt receive there healing .

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