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  1. Hi I am a 24 year old m I am struggling with my faith. I find it hard to believe that jesus did the things that are attributed to him in the bible. Heck I find it hard to believe a lot of things have any merit to them. How do I reason with what cannot be reasoned rationally. I’m having a hard time taking a fundamentalist approach to scripture.

    • The great truths found in God’s Word are accepted by faith. ”Faith is the substance of things hoped for. The conviction of things unseen.” To believe what the Bible says you cannot take a rational approach. You take the divine approach-faith. Faith as defined in the Word of God is the conviction(the strong feeling that something exists or is true) of things unseen. Spiritual things are real, even though you can’t see them, you have to hope fully in them and then your faith can give substance to that hope(i.e. substantiate it ,bring into existence to the physical realm).

    • Start with the basics. Read the gospel of John and don’t just read it, understand it. Ask all the questions out have whether Google or someone in person. The fact that you can’t find a reason to believe in something doesn’t mean there can’t be one. All things seen ate temporary but the unseen are permanent. And every time you pray, pray that with the help of God, you discern in wisdom of the Scripture and his Will. I hope this helps.

    • Have you received the baptism of the holghost?The holyspirit/holyghost gives us the ability to understand and grasp the things of God..Will suggest strongly that you attend a foundation school in any Christ Embassy church..You will be taught the basics of christianity and soon all these doubts will be dissolved.

  2. Praise the Lord please pray for me to construct good house in my place … every one around me have constructed houses . Also pray for me to get a good salary job that will solve my all financial problem.

  3. I want to thank God for healing me from an infection that has kept me down for a long time. I have been treating this infection for a long time but it goes and returns. But when i attended may communion service pastor mentioned my case and am totally healed. Halleluya!!!

  4. In this month of The Open Doors, I have already seen an open door. I study at a university in Zimbabwe and I have never attended communion service. I didn’t usually take communion service seriously but this month of May, I decided to take communion service seriously and I took the Rhema of the month. For the first time in my life , I have received a suit for free. Not a suit only but AMANI suit. I thank God for that. I want to thank you Pastor for teaching us to live victoriously in Christ.


  5. The Lord is good! My Pastor has been sleeping with many female members of his congregation and the Lord descended upon him with thunder. Now my Pastor is running helter-skelter with his long tail (i.e. adulterous male member) burning between his legs. Praise the Lord!

  6. I want to praise God for his Grace and faithfulness in my life. Early this year, I was hit with a stroke and I was asked not renew my Job contract. But in August- The month of Praise, I received my miracle Job and am now whole and God is doing wonders in my life.


  8. With great humility and profound gratitude, I pray that God pours out his blessings upon you Reverend Chris and Anita Oyakhilome, and all Christ Embassy Ministries. Your teachings through Rhapsody of Realities, visions, prophecies and other various materials you write and produce has helped me to discover who I am in God’s Kingdom in Christ and live accordingly. I have found out about my inheritance and have taken hold of it and am ministering globally through writing to the glory of God. Crosswell Goko in Chipinge, Zimbabwe.

  9. I want to thank God for providing me with a new tablet/laptop and also for granting me grace to make A’s in last semesters examination, thus upgrading my GPA. Many financial doors have also opened to me. I have also received free accomodation at a hostel… This is indeed grace at work. HALLELUYAH!

  10. Praise the living God, I testify of the prayers that was done for all the families around the world by our Man of God. My brother has accepted Christ , It is only by the Spirit of God as he was once before opposing me from serving God, I am greatful to God. Halleluyah! Thank You Pastor. I love you Sir.

  11. I want to thank GOD for restoring renewing my strength in the month of September. I also want to thank GOD for the month of more grace (September).I was in my Customer Office for a contract they want to give and to my surprise the Customer gave me a gift.

  12. I am richer than a bank deficit of 12 million naira the bank can never sale my properties and I declare that I am buying more properties in the choice areas of the cities and beyond and I am giving to move the gospel forward.

  13. I Bless God for using Pastor Chris to Heal me over one of the pastor’s T.V broadcast. I have been suffering for more than seven years with a leg problem that felt like fire on my ankle. I always thought it was a physical problem, eating pain pills never worked. And one night, about 02:00am, pastor Chris Spoke over the T.V and said my pain was not physical but spiritual, and he Spoke the name of Jesus Christ and I was instantly Healed! Glory to God!!

  14. My father is from Samoa, but is currently in Hawaii for medical appointments. Returning from our Sunday service back to his hotel, he was met by a man who said, He had been seeing my dad for some time now, and was prompted to come and meet. He first asked my father, if he was a Pastor, in which my father replied yes. (My father is a Pastor for another ministry, but when he visits Hawaii, he attends CE Hawaii). Then the man said, I know you have a word for me. My father pulled out the Samoan Rhapsody of Realities and started sharing the word with him. This man was so blessed by the Word he received. My father then asked if he was born again, to which the man replied no, and of course my dad led him in the prayer of salvation and he became born again. Then the man shared a situation that he is going through.
    This man had been disapproved numerous times for home loan back in Samoa. Because of this, he had his wife and children remain in the mainland (USA) until he can figure out something for their housing situation. The man said, he built a temporary hut for him up in the mountains, and started to live there. He started to read his bible more and study it. He came to find out about tithes. He said when he learned about tithes, he made arrangements to come down on a particular Sunday to meet one of the villagers, who would deliver his tithes to the church, although he himself did not attend church.
    While he has been here in Hawaii, he has not attended church, but he knew he had to give his tithes. So he said, he was releasing his tithes to my dad, for the work of the ministry. My father initially told him, NO, hold on to your tithes, you and I will go to church this coming Sunday and you will deliver your tithes. However the man insisted, that this tithe was to be released to my father and his ministry, and so my father prayed together for this man and his tithes to be blessed.
    A couple of days later, Im just leaving work to head home, and I get a phone call from my father, excited to share with me the good news. He mentioned to me about the man he led to Christ earlier in the week and how he blessed the man with a Rhapsody. Well this many, 5 days later, came looking for my father to share that he finally got a loan approved for his home in Samoa. He was so excited to come and share his testimony of his blessing, knowing it was God’s blessing for him. Then the man went on to say, that the Rhapsody of Realities devotion has been such a blessing. He said he is so excited to go to bed at night, so he can wake up and get into the word of the Lord the next morning. He told him, to please ensure he gets his monthly copy on time. WOW! The word of God is prevailing! I just started speaking in tongues and glorifying God for what his Word is doing in my father and through this man! God Bless!!

  15. about the Kings chat the apps is not working very well in same phones I use iPhone 4S the app is not working very well, wen never I download it an sign up it well load & stop. It we never open on till I re download it well still do same thing. am not the only complaining about this so many are that is using android & iOS please same needs to be don about it. Thanks

  16. I pledged an amount of money in church on Sunday out of faith from a direct instruction of the Holy Ghost. Later in the week I prayed on Monday on yookos about the souls and nations around the world then after praying so fervently and earnestly. The Holy Ghost told me to check the pocket of a vest coat that I had not worn in a really long time, so listen to the Spirit of the Lord and I found the exact amount of money I pledged previously. Glory to God!

  17. Thank you Father for the month of strengthening and this year of greatness, You have imparted me with so much anointing. Grace, glory, the power of the miraculous has been multiplied bountifully in my life. I have the epignosis of God’s Word and I hear It to do because the Holy Ghost has revealed God to me this year. I truly reside in health, prosperity and abundance. Blessed to be a blessings to the whole world. Hallelujah! Glory!

  18. I would like to share this testimony to encourage all ministers in the choir to give yourself to god , on a recent program in 2014 at the excel centre in London as I was preparing for the program in prayer a lady spoke to me and stated that she wanted to be free from her wheelchair , I praid with her and said it will be done , as I was in the choir from zone 2 I made my mind up to minister to during the program, when we were singing “In the name of Jesus ” my spirit was ministering to her a separation of my physical and my spiritual being happened this feel of euphoria raised me to greater levels in both my own chapters choir and the other choir I sing in during Thursday evening “Sing Gospel”, I noticed this women standing praising the lord and pushed her wheel chair out of the centre on completion of our program , when ever I enter the choir stand this euphoria is still with me so be committed to your minister and you will go to greater levels of glory Thank you Sir for your messages of encouragement to bring more salvation to the work that all music ministers give to the master praise to the lord

  19. Thanks a million Jesus for everything you have done for me in 2014, Father I am grateful! God strengthened me like never before, every time I feel weak Sweet Spirit of the Living God always there to strengthen me , energises me. God made me Triumph over every circumstances and also gives me dominion over every circumstances. God also bless me with a job I never merited, in an Event company, God shifted aside things and made a place for me, I never applied for the job, I was never asked for my CV , I do not know anything about event but, miraculously I was employed as a manager in event company. This Happened after 2014 IPPC. God protected my loved ones and family and keep them safe. Thanks a million is not enough to say to my Heavenly Father, I am so grateful! Praise the Lord. Amen.

  20. watching and playing your worship songs, and teachings has greatly impact my spirit with the word of God and has been of great deliverance to me in the spirit realm, I most say this I have seen you four time in the spirit realm helping me out I really cant explain, but all glory due unto the Almighty God. May the God of our Lord Jesus Christ continue His ministry through you amen.


  22. Glory to God!i want to first of all thank our father in the Lord,teacher and mentor pastor Chris for nourishing me spiritually.i also want to thank God by faith that i have been healed and made whole.i was at the miracle and worship service/communion service and was moved by the miracles that took place and i told God that I receive my healing today by faith,though the lying vanities are still there (dizziness and headaches,bp) I refuse to be moved by them because I am healed by the stripes of Jesus.thank God for me and keep praying for me.Glory!!

  23. Hello to the dear readers. My name is Sobantu, a South African engineering studnet. A few months ago I had experience demotivation and depression as I was going about with my tertiary eduction, this affected my academic and social life. I was invited to come back to church by my campus Pastor. Through her persistence I eventually started participating in the ministry and using the materials (DVDs, Rhapsody) on a daily basis. I am fully revived, Praise God. Every fibre in my being is energised and motivated for life. I’m winning souls for the Lord, I have gone to do as much as winning 6 in just one morning. Praise God. Glory to God. He is able. I was willing. And I have a testimony. Halleluja! Be blessed.

  24. I wanted to share this testimony for the sake of people going through a lot in life and wondering where God is. God is always here and he is watching over you and you need to believe that. He has written your story and you just have to read it and make that story your reality. I was due to renew my residency in my base country in Canada and i was advised that i would not be eligible to apply. This made no sense to me because i lived in this country for most of my adult life and I felt i fulfilled all the requirements and more. I consulted the immigration services and consulted several lawyers about my situation and i still got the same response and even more confused. Many suggested i try some shady and inconvenient methods to apply for this, which I even contemplated. I just felt God will make a way. I prayed about this and activated my faith and I just knew I owned this. I decided to apply without any legal representation, I filled and reviewed all the paperwork by myself and I also sowed a seed towards this. Usually, this process is stressful and it involves a lot of back and forth communication, explanations, resending documents or delays of some sort.
    Thanks to the God I serve, I was found eligible and approved, the entire process was very silky smooth with NO back and forth communication or delays whatsoever. Glory to God! I just recently sent my passport out for the process to be finalized. The real miracle is that, at every stage of the process I prayed and it was just going by successfully with no hassle at all. I mean from my document check process to my eligibility process to medical request process to my police check process to my passport request. I mean everything was just happening smoothly and successfully!!
    This is just a summary of my experience but I really went through a lot of stress from the possibility of relocating, losing my apartment, job and more. This stress was before I listened to the voice in my head that directed me to apply and have faith. I will always believe that the God I serve makes no mistakes and I learnt to tolerate any obstacle that comes my way because at the end of the day I will be VICTORIOUS. Nothing and I believe nothing is too big for God. What is a million “NO’S to one YES from God??. Believe me! I got alottttt of NOs. Glory to God!

  25. My testimony is about the ICLC; thank God I came, if you didn’t just enjoy this testimony. During the conference I was so impacted because as the man of God and our beloved Pastors and leaders spoke; they displayed a cunning commitment of love of our Lord Jesus. To love Jesus is the most important thing in your life and to show this love is only by doing what He told you to do. John 14:15 if ye love me keep my commandments. So, if you don’t win souls you don’t love Him because He said in Matthew 28:19 Go ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. So, it stirred me to focus all my attention, into God’s number one job, soul winning. I got a deep urge and push in Spirit; after every session, I was in tears because I truly realised that our Lord Jesus coming is very soon, so the urgency of the work is immense and must be done.
    So, the Holy Spirit ministered to me specially and gave me ideas and visions to put in place for the work to be efficient full of results, we own this world but don’t belong here. The first thing was follow up, for example I did not want to come to the conference, can you imagine, even the dedicated ones still follow up, which assurance of love, so the Holy Spirit, the Lord of the harvest, follow up and evangelism; followed me up that’s why I’m in church all the time and ushering; loving it! He reminded me of a man of God who chased after mighty woman of God, she did not want him but he did not give up, he kept on checking her; going to her house, even her brothers were surprised, she finally agreed to go out with Him and long story short, they are married serving Jesus with all their heart, afterwards He told me “don’t do that but follow up souls, members and converts with the same drive.” Also He stressed use of ministry materials in regular evangelism, we as a ministry have a unique message, people need to hear, always be geared with some before leaving your house and He told me of usage of ministry apps you see many people with android/apple devices offer to install apps. All these I am sharing, has started, I even have a testimony of a lady so blessed with them; she was amazed how the Gospel is advanced. You know everyone in my workplace come and tell me, “Pastor, you love God.” On the last day of the conference, prophesies came to me from God through the man of God, Pastor T.T. He said. “All the young people belong and have always belonged to this ministry” And we are called to win them all. He went on, “We have a career in God’s work, so we do not have to look for it anywhere else. “
    It’s not like before. So, beloved Saints remember these three points: prayer, mindset and tenacity. We would not be here if someone didn’t pray, so pray for others, it calls their Spirits so by the time you address their souls by text or call they are ready to come. The lowest kind of prayer is for you-yourself, so pray for the nations and other people to be formed in Christ. Secondly keep the mentality of a victor, a new creation and triumph everywhere you go sharing Jesus. True and lasting success is doing what Jesus told you to do not the world defines it or thinks of you. Thirdly, be tenacious in soul winning and follow up, everybody is valuable to God, Jesus said in John 17:12 While I was with them in the world, I kept them in thy name: those that thou gave me I have kept, and none of them is lost, but the son of perdition; that the scripture might be fulfilled. We lose nobody, there is no such thing as a Judas in every twelve, there was one and the scripture has been fulfilled and they will never be another, so don’t lose anybody. Then in Matthew 5:13-14 He says we are the salt of the earth and light of the world. So be ready and charged to bear witness of Christ everywhere and every time, you’re an Ambassador; shine and give flavor to the world as life changers.

    • Dear Bro Brian,
      Thank you for sharing your amazing testimony with us. we are greatly inspired.
      God bless you.

  26. I want to first of all thank our man God pastor Chris for his mentoring and teachings,God bless you the month of July. Which is seed sowing,I sowed seed for a job ,my health and for our baby as pastor instructed we sow as many times as we can,which my wife and i sowed a seed,nothing happened through that month until August when I got a call from a friend to come work with him with a better pay than my previous employment just like that no aplication .I just want to thank God and testify of His love and goodness to me and I trust the other petition will be answered in Jesus name.brethren God is faithful and His words are alive and working only if you believe and have faith.I know this month of testimony I am going to testify of God’s healing and of our baby in the name of Jesus.Glory to God!

  27. Hi all. My name is John. I have been part of the ministry since 2010. I have been translating the Rhapsody of Realities into both Nuer and Dinka languages of South Sudan.

    What I want to share with the world here is that, God has done great things, including real miracles in my own life, since that time! I have created websites without learning any computer science. I have seen demons leaving people, when I tell them to.

    I just want to let you know that, the Word of God is all you need, for your life to be what God intended it to be.

    For more living testimonials about me, check out my websites below.

    Discipleship Press:
    Internet Residual Income:

    God bless you all…

  28. I thank God so much for the man of God, Pastor Chris for his great message on “sickness, not an act of God”.. Am 18years of age, a young preacher and i became so filled with the word of God from pastor Chris. I asked God also to help me live great in my ministry. I preached our man of God’s word, added some information and preached in one of my classes in School and Glory to God it was powerful. Some of students after ministering shed tears, some well filled with God’s power as i prayed with faith concerning healing. Since then my life has never been the same. I preach with boldness since then….Thank You Jesus, thank you Man of God pastor Chris. GLORY TO GOD

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  30. Hello Everyone I am Daniel Steve from Texas, USA. I will like to share the goodness of God in my life after so many months of trying to get a loan on the internet and i was been scammed so many times so i became restless and desperate in getting a loan from a legit lender online. But as God would have it, i saw a comment from a friend called William Ken and he talked about this legit loan company where he got his loan fast and easy without any stress so he introduced me to a man called Mr Harry Ben who controls a firm called Expat Finance Loan Company, So i applied for a loan sum of ($170,000.00USD) with low interest rate of 3%, so the loan was approved and deposited into my bank account in less than 48hrs, that was how i was able to get back on my feet to keep my broken business running and also to pay off my bills so i am advising everyone of you who is interested in getting a loan without collateral, no credit check, no co signer with just 3% interest rate and better repayment plans/ schedule, to please contact Mr Harry Ben. You can contact him through his email: [email protected]

  31. Benjamin Olukayode on

    my wife and I has been married since 2012 and she has not be able to get pregnant.
    However, during the year of triumph, precisely in the month of April 2015 ( the month of bearing fruit); the man of God Rev, Chris gave a word of knowledge that certain number of women would get pregnant that same month. my wife and I key into the prophecy declared by the man of God.
    She became pregnant that same month. Her last menses was infact on the 7th of april 2015 (which was two day after the communion service).
    on the 28th of December, 2015 she delivered a beautiful and bouncing baby girl.
    glory be to God.
    i present to him Miss Bethel Olukayode.

  32. Kingsley yeboah on

    I thank the lord for blessing me with a life.i thank the lord for healing me through the holy man pastor.thank you daddy.may your be praised and raised high.Amen

  33. Prince Henry Asare on

    I spoke in tongues as soon as I finished reading, “The power of tongues” by Pastor Chris during my days in Senior High School. I acted on faith as the book concluded and the Holy Spirit gave me utterances which I spoke forth. Its been 7-8 years now and by God’s grace, my life is a great testimony to His glory in your ministry. Thank you Pastor Chris and your committed team members. God bless you.

  34. I attended the Healing School in Randburg with my sister. I used to have constant migraine headaches but after attending the Healing School program, I’ve been healed ever since. Glory to God.

  35. I greet you all in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ , the great King of Kings , the lion of Judah. The mighty warrior great in battle and my salvation

    It is such an honour to be writing my testimony while last year my life was miserable,
    My name is Amanda Jack and I’m the daughter of the most High Living God, who is my redeemer, who is my salvation, who is my comforter , who is my deliverer , who is my pillar , my shield, my rock , my fortress, my stronghold , my dwelling place who lifted me up and reached out with He’s mighty hand and took me out of the Kingdom of darkness where I was serving the devil for years even initiating new people to enter into the Kingdom of darkness, I was in bondage for years without realising that I was blind but now I can tell the difference as my eyesight has even improved.

    After high school I initiated into the kingdom where I grew into the world and became a trainer and had so many powers and alters of the gods I served.
    I was very ill for years, I suffered from fibroids, I suffered from asthma , high blood pressure, migraines , stomach ulcers , fatigue, obesity, skin rashes , nausea ,heart palpitations , hormone imbalance, depression , anxiety and panic attacks, back aches ,insomnia ,I suffered from a lot of infections and I was in the pit of hell. I was taking medication and anti-depressants for all that including concoctions to no help. My life was miserable , my boyfriend of then and I used to fight a lot , we would argue and we would split up ,we didn’t know why , I used concoctions and herbs to do a lot of things including bathing with, I was unemployed yet I had studied 5 different courses , I used to suffer from anger management too because I used to hurt a lot, I used to drink and smoke till I ended up in drugs, I kept on well, living till I started going to church, then in August I had a dream with 5 sentences, the 2nd line had the word FAITH in bold, I woke up, went to church for weeks and on the 2 August 2015 marks the day I went to the altar call and I cried and something I never dreamt off happened, I saw Jesus and he was and is wearing white in colour but he’s face he did not reveal and he’s words were “ YOU HAVE SEEN ME BUT TOMORROW YOU’LL BE UNCERTAIN” and he went away, I kept quiet and looked around and he was gone , I questioned myself till I got home then indeed the following day I was uncertain and now it hit me that indeed I saw Jesus. Since I suffered from fatigue and obesity I suffered from laziness too which made me not take care of my bedroom, myself and the room which I used to consult spirits but after I saw Him all that fatigue and obesity including the laziness went away and at home they noticed, they didn’t know what was happening, neither did I, I didn’t take it to heart till the voice which was different and deeper spoke to me after a few days saying I should fetch my bible in the house and go the consulting room and listen, I opened Deuteronomy 7-23 when He spoke to me.

    He called me by name and said Amanda, Amanda what are you doing? I kept quiet and looked but he did not appear and started speaking again, ‘’what is this altar in front of you” I looked up and indeed it was the altar I used to speak to spirits and He said “I have been talking to you but you don’t listen, why are you serving foreign gods? I got shocked because I didn’t know and I grew up now believing in them but worshipping HIM (GOD) I thought I was acknowledging the spirits of the dead and worshipping carved and moulded images yet in Leviticus 19:4 It is written that “Do not turn to idols, nor make for yourself molded gods: I am the Lord you’re God and in John 3:3 it is written “Most assuredly , I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God , He then said to me “I am giving you a choice and a chance between a curse and a blessing , if you follow me I will give you eternal life , I will drive out all the nations in you because now they are too many and you have been crying for health , love , prosperity and I have been watching you because I have stored all these for you , I was waiting for you” I with no doubt said I am following Him and He said to me, you will burn all these herbs, concoctions , images, altars and break them down and I said “No they will kill me I’m scared” and HE said what do i mean I’m scared? Am I more afraid of them more than HIM while he is the one who created them? HE then said he will cause everyone to panic and that he is with me, and that since I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or if indeed this is real he will send me a prophet , indeed I went to the store and I went to a man who I grew up who is born again and I just said to him ,Mpho I need you and he said “Amanda, I’ve been looking for you” and we went home, we prayed and the Lord delivered me, I burnt every altar every carved image and every concoction and everything that connected me with those spirits. The Lord instructed me to cut my hair and I did, I got baptised and the Lord directed me directly into the house of which I would serve in till today, I am now engaged to the very same man I loved for so many years, after burning everything we were apart and he says he heard a voice telling him to come to me and he decided to pay lobola for me, I went to check for any fibroids or cysts and I am clear, I have lost weight and everything I suffered from is now gone because of the touch of Jesus, I am free from illnesses that I suffered from, I am now working and I feel free, God has broken every chain and lifted me up..

    God is alive, Jesus Is alive and I saw Him and he said that this will be an opportunity to tell the world about Him Luke 21:13

  36. Thank you so much for your prayers about a week ago I sent my prayer request concerning my sisters university education and I would like to thank the Lord God Almighty for providing all that was required for her to get her place to do medicine in China truly this year is our year of spreading as she will be going to China this October.Thank you Pastor Chris for our month of blessings truly the blessing of the lord is upon you to be a blessing because within a short space of time my sister got her place for University to study the degree of her choice although she had been applying and not getting a place for almost three months and this time after send my prayer request it took only a week.I am so grateful to God for his goodness may the Lord continue to use the man of God and his ministry to spread the word in all the world.

  37. Praise the Lord Jesus.I love Jesus because he has made his word come alive in me .I promised to testify about this.I wanted to get married to certain brother in church and there’s was hindrance before.Am glad to announce am getting married to him .God is faithful and I believe his word more.Thank you pastor Chris for teaching us the word daily and unconditionally.

  38. Je m’appelle Mathieu,de nationalité souffrais d’un maux que je trainzis depuis cinq ans. Au fait un jour je grimpais un arbre qui a cassé la bramche que j’ai tenu. Je suis tombé de l’arbre et mon épaule frappa un grand cailloux qui a déboité mon bras . après avoir trainé ce maux pendant plus de cinnq ans sans solution meilleure, le jeudi 24 novembre, 2016,je me suis engagé dans une journée de carême et de prière. Enfermé dans la maison,j’ai decidé de prier et de suivre rien que les chaines religieuses. C’est ainsi que je me suis concentrer à la prophetie du de l’homme de Dieu qui disait: toi qui a de problème à l’épaule droit ,tu es toi qui sents des maux de coeur, tu es gueri. Et je n’avais qu’un mot qui est AMEN. Et sur place je resens une grande chaleur si comme quelques choses sortaient de mon corps. Apres tout je me levai et pris un bain. Et jusqu’à present, je me sents plus soulagé qu’avant. Louer soit Jésus dans ses anges et dans ses saints. Amen

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  43. Hannah Solomon on

    My name is Hannah Solomon from Ireland. I joined Christ Embassy a few months ago. I have been praying for a stable accommodation but I didn’t get it. I kept on meditating on the word, praying and reading my rhapsody. One day when I returned to where I was staying, and I found a letter from a housing committee offering me a brand new apartment in a very wealthy estate. I want to thank Pastor Chris for teaching us the word continually and teaching me how to change my situation with the power of my mind. Thank you sir

  44. Enokenwa Burnley Enokenwa on

    Thank you pastor sir for this wonderful opportunity, I love you so very much sir.
    My testimony is about the miracle that happend to me during the June Communion Service. I have been feeling sever pains around my left hip bone right up to my waist for years now. It comes and goes. So the week before the Global Communion Service I was in pains even on the 4 of June. I went to the service and even during the service, I kept on telling myself that this pain must leave today and as I share in the cup and bread . After the service I completely forgot I once had pains and could not even remember any, till date. I felt calmness in my hip and I know I am completely free. Thank you pastor sir. You are a blessing to my world. You have impacted my life so very much and I can boldly walk in victory in every area of my life. Though jobless for more than a year now, I see it as that challenge preparing me for greater heights. The word of God is in my spirit and he is making tremendous power available for my prosperity and success. I reign in life. Praise God.

  45. God is soooo goooooood!!!

    Exactly 5days ago (June 14, 2017), I watched the 2014 Finance Convention series with Pastor Chris . I heard the testimonies of miracle-money that people shared and I believed the words of Pastor, that the grace that caused the miracle-money blessing for them, was being ministered to me as listened. I gave an offering at my church that evening (online), as my act of faith.
    The next day, June 15, I got an email from my school’s financial services, saying that they had reviewed my grant package for the 2016/2017 school year (this school year ended in May2017, and I’d already been given all the grant that I was allotted). I checked my school financial records to see the change, and I was actually expecting to see something for the new school year-2017/2018. I didn’t notice any change, everything looked the same. Today, June 19, I got another school-email saying there was a new activity on my school account. I checked, and lo and behold I had been accredited an extra $140 for a school year that HAD ALREADY ENDED!! I (the credit was actually put in on the 14th, that same day I listened to the message). I rushed to check my bank account just to be sure it was FOR REAL, and there it was, $140 credit from my school, added on June15!!!

    I mean how can you explain it? Why in the world did my grant-package get REVIEWED? And for a school year that already ENDED??? WHY NOW???? Like Pastor said in the message, that a money miracle would happen within 24hours! And to think that this Teaching was uploaded THREE YEARS AGO!!!!

    Oh dear Lord Jesus thanks a million! Thank you Holy Spirit for Genevieve who uploaded this message!  And thank you for everyone who’ve devoted themselves to uploading Pastor’s messages on YouTube. I pray that their cup would overflow with all manner of blessings in Jesus name!!!  
    The WORD WORKS!!! And this is just the BEGINNING of my MIRACLE MONEY FLOW!

  46. Testimony -Sharing the word of God through the ROR sometimes touches someone in a way even you sharing it won’t know…I just receive a message from my former boss whom I send to him ROR daily tru out 2017 the message reads: I want to specially thank you for all the messages sent to me throughout the year. I want you to know that, I read them all.
    I know you have invested your time, money and instincts to get them arranged across to me.
    Also I must let you know that those messages had added values to me in every aspects of my life.
    Therefore, I say big big thanks to you, may the Grace of God be with you for ever more. God bless you. You see When u share the word tru any means u can,it may not seem to you the person reads it,but most of the times they do and it touches them greatly.Touching someone’s life through the word of God brings joy.Dont rest your oars…keeping sharing the word you don’t know the life you could touch or change.

  47. I want to thank the Lord for all he has done in my life. I want to thank Him for my a-level results and me getting into university. He has been so good to me and my health is and always will be divine! I want to thank him because I do not see fear. My family are well and healthy. I give God all the Glory!

  48. The power of Seed!

    I built a house in a location where the roads in the course of time became very dilapidated. Since I am not residing in the same city where the house is located, I decided to give out the apartment on rent. But those who showed interest in renting the apartment were offering very low amount which is not commensurate with the quality of the building stating the road condition as a reason. I kept praying about it for quite sometime. Then Booooooom… day the Holy spirit ministered to me to take my faith beyond just praying.

    Hence, I decided to accept the amount offered me for renting out a portion of the building. And I gave 100% of the money I received from the tenant as a first fruit. Barely 2 weeks after, I received a message that the Federal Government have given out the road to be repaired and construction equipment mobilized to site immediately. Right now, construction activity is in progress on the road.

    Thanks so much pastor Chris for teaching me how to go about living the supernatural life.

  49. Dick Onuzuruike on

    I live in the UK with my family. I am an avid reader of Rhapsody of Realities. I have been consistent and committed with reading the Rhapsody of Realities this year. From January to the second half of this year, I have faithfully read the Rhapsody of Realities praying the prayers and making the confessions and holding on to God’s promises and trusting in His Word. We applied for permanent residence in the UK and to God be the Glory our application was granted. The Rhapsody of Realities is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and an appropriate of God’s Kingdom blessings into the lives of its readers. I am blessed to have tapped into the blessings and anointing entrenched in the Rhapsody of Realities by God using His faithful servant man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. God bless you Pastor Chris imparting and impacting lives across the globe. I am grateful to Pastor that I am a benficiary of the spiritual blessings in heavenly places. God bless you Pastor Chris. It is my prayer that your ministry shall continue to grow from strength to strength and by leaps and bounds to the glory of God.

  50. Dick Onuzuruike on

    I live in the UK with my family. I am an avid reader of Rhapsody of Realities. I have been consistent and committed with reading the Rhapsody of Realities this year. From January to the second half of this year, I have faithfully read the Rhapsody of Realities praying the prayers and making the confessions and holding on to the God’s promises and trusting in His Word. We applied for permanent residence in the UK and to God be the Glory our application was granted. The Rhapsody of Realities is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and an appropriator of God’s Kingdom blessings into the lives of its readers. I am blessed to have tapped into the blessings and anointing entrenched in the Rhapsody of Realities by God using His faithful servant man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. God bless you Pastor Chris for imparting and impacting lives across the globe. I am grateful to Pastor that I am a benficiary of the spiritual blessings in heavenly places. It is my prayer that your ministry shall continue to grow from strength to strength and by leaps and bounds to the glory of God. Amen

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