God’s Recipe for Success by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome



God’s Recipe for success is one of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s most Powerful, Financial changing and Miraculous preaching so far.This message will change your Financial status and your personal life as a Believer.

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  1. Dear Rev Chris.
    I am a Sierra Leonean, living in No. 12 Ross Road, Freetown. I normally listing, watch your tapes and put my faith in it. Now Man of God, I pray please Man of God pray for me that the two large fibroid in me may disappear and also may I give birth to twin this time.

    My Stories is this. I was believing God for Baby for the past seventeen years, last year October God bless me and I gave birth to a Baby girl on the 10th of July 2015 as I asked Him for a girl and the baby die on the 19th October 2015, she took 3months and 9days on the earth. Now I have live my Job and searching for another as it pass of it that effect the child as I was working in a Chemical Laboratory.

    Please Man of God I am strongly believe in miracle as that is the name I gave my pass daughter and I want God to do it again for me by gave me double for my trouble in Jesus Name. Thanks so much as I know God can answer your prayer. Love Barnadette Bangura.

    • As a christian If you had said this your letter to God with Faith, God would have answered you. Pastor has always said we should manifest our faith. Its like you are in the market and u are telling another person in the same market to please help u buy something. Try and get pastor’s books on faith and prayer.

  2. Kokoette Bassey on

    Pastor happi birthday sir.Tthank u s much 4 u 1daful teaching nd coaching me how 2 know more about God.God bless u sir.Luv u

  3. Dear Pastor Chris, I love listening to you preach. Please Pray for me, my family, friends , and my guardian Dorothy L Ford Angel Solona, Maria Huston for God’s love, . I will like to visit South African to listen to you preach. and for Direct healing that you perform under the power of the Holy Spirit.

  4. Makay William on

    Thank you Pastor Chris for all your endeavors and the effort u impart in the Rhapsody books, it has strongly encouraged and taught me alot, increased my faith and strengthened me amidst my worries, there’s no any other place i’d rather be bt in Christ Embassy.
    Thank you for changing my life, may the Lord we serve bless u abundantly.
    Makay. (Uganda)


    please man of God I’m always inspired by your word of God,may God continue using you through miracles and many other things.GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY.

  6. Dear pastor chris my name is jillowrett i am from ghana and i have been dealing with this situation for a longtime now and l don’t seem to have any good result and this is the situation if i sleep someone come and have sex with me in my sleep and when i walk around in places where spiders web is not sopposed to be example in the streets i see spiders web on my body and l have fasted and prayed about it and seen no result i have been Thinking,talking and acting the word like how you have been teaching in most of your daily devotional messages and still no result, i have receive the lord jesus as my saviour and all those things that i use to do like drinking and chasing girls and some people that l was’nt talking to and had problems with i have reconciled with them and still no result so please pastor i am getting discouraged so pastor please i need help please help me in prayers. And l will be waiting to hear from you if you would like to open my eyes on other things that l do not know thank you.

    • Please pastor your rhapsody of realities daily devotional has inspired me a lot i use to think that i couldn’t serve the lord again but thanks to God through you by the daily devotional i am able to do the things of GOD again. Thank you pastor but i need prayers for the situation that i talked to you about

    • The Bible says in Romans 1 vs. 19: 20 “…because that which may be known of God is manifest in them, for God has shewed it to them. For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:”.

      All the works of creation reveal the glory and power of God and speak a message so clear you cannot fail to hear. God went further and revealed Himself to us through His Son Jesus Christ. The scripture declares Him to be the very image of God, and the brightness of his glory. Jesus himself said, “He that has seen me has seen the Father.”

      Through His death He showed us the way to fellowship with Him, and now He wants us to receive the divine life which Jesus made available so that He can reveal Himself in us, and through us.

      Today, you can receive the life of God into your spirit, and become a brand new creature in Christ, so that God’s beauty and power can be seen in you. All you have to do is say this prayer out loud and mean it with all of your heart; and God will hear you.

      O Lord God, I believe in Jesus Christ, your Son who died for me and was raised from the dead for my justification.

      Your Word says in Romans 10 vs. 9 & 10 “…that if thou shall confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shall be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

      Therefore I confess Jesus Christ as Lord of my life from this day forth. I receive remission of sins for my soul and I receive eternal life into my spirit.

      I am saved! I am born-again! Thank you for making me your child.

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