Highlights of Holy tour 2016


“We will never read the Bible the same way again,” says minister at ongoing Holy Land Tour.

Ministers from Bulgaria at the ongoing Holy Land Tour with Pastor Chris share their unforgettable experience with us in the featured video. “I felt like Jesus was wearing all the sins of the world,” one of the ministers said, expressing the experience of walking the streets of Israel.

Pastor Chris teaches tourists on the sea of Galilee.

Having read the accounts of the disciples in the Bible, it was a consummating experience for tourists on the pilgrimage to be taught by the man of God, Pastor Chris, on the sea of Galilee, where Jesus walked on water. As many have testified, their study of God’s Word will never be the same again

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culled from lwnews

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  1. Esther Miller on

    Love to God moving in hour life, and the life of other. When will you be coming to the Chicago area?. I also want to lean more about the healing school.

  2. Tongesai Svidzi on

    Your teachings bring change in my life, Pastor sir, you are my great inspiration. Now I walk in light.

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