Over 250 Pupils Adopted


Whitney Sitali, a 21-year-old young and inspiring leader from Zambia, embarked on a project to help in the transformation of the educational standard and bring about community development in the city of Lusaka. She and her team members volunteered to teach over a total of 900 vulnerable children and teenagers in mathematics and had them aspire for greatness in future; encouraging most school drop out to embrace education and stay away from early marriages and drug abuse. In collaboration with Wool Worthy (South Africa), they adopted over 250 pupils in her community by offering termly scholarships and reached out to over 300 orphans and vulnerable children (especially the girl child) through school support and partnership, distributed school books, pens and other school materials to help enhance their education. #FALF #FALA #ProjectAfrica

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  1. I like to be one of that organization call Christ embassy international in USA/ in united kingdom so that I can continue doing the word of God from there. I now live in South Sudan, the youngest nation in Africa. I always pray to Almighty God so that I can reach there, Amen

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