2nd Healing Service of Healing School Autumn Sessio


Healing School students, partners and visiting ministers from around the world experience the supernatural at Second Healing Service with Pastor Chris

This past Sunday the 15th of April was the second healing service of the Healing School Autumn Session 2018, a highly anticipated time of the supernatural for thousands who journeyed to the Healing School for the divine touch that altered the course of their lives and circumstances. Present in the auditorium in Johannesburg South Africa, were partners and ministers of the Gospel who came to witness the power of God in the healing ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris, as reflected in their expectations. The world now hear stories of this event, because of the lives that have been transformed forever.

The man of God Pastor Chris, full of the power of God, healed the sick with a command, a word, a breath and a touch, just as the Lord Jesus Christ did and still does. At every ministration, the sick received their healing; the blind saw, the lame walked, blood conditions were cleansed and there was great rejoicing all over the auditorium.

Second healing service of Autumn Session ended gloriously with salvation of the lost and special exhortation. Following an awesome demonstration of the gifts of healing, Pastor Chris exhorted the students to remain conscious of the divine life they have received in Christ and live consistently in the Word, declaring all that Christ has done for them. “Make the choice,” he said. “Choose life, choose prosperity, choose health, choose the excellent life; that’s the way.”

The man of God also extended warm greetings to distinguished ministers of the Gospel from several nations, who came for the Ministers’ Visitation Program. Many attending the service also had the priceless opportunity to gloriously accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, at an altar call, led by Pastor Chris. The BLW President also spoke words of blessings and prosperity to the congregation.

It was joy unspeakable throughout the service, and, though it has come to a glorious conclusion, the testimonies remain forever!

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