“Christ is a Place, and That’s Our Environment!” — Pastor Chris to Ministers


Delving deeper into the subject of ‘Words, Truth and Life’, the man of God, Pastor Chris, shared profound truths from God’s Word with thousands of ministers at the second plenary session of the ISM Ministers’ Network Conference. “Christians should not only be conscious of who they are, but where they are. Christ is a place and that’s our environment,” he shared so powerfully.

Delegates were transported to a higher level of glory and operation in the spirit as the man of God shared further on walking in the Spirit and pursuing always what God wants and the way He wants things to be done in our lives and ministries. “Don’t pray only for results. Submit to His will and wisdom, so that when the Father looks into your heart, He will be happy with what He sees,” Pastor said.

The closing moments of the session were marked with an unprecedented manifestation of the Spirit and power of God, with precious words of prophecy and special ministrations. The atmosphere was literally charged with the glory and power of God; everyone received an impartation from the Holy Ghost.

Earlier on the second day of the conference, the ministers also had an opportunity to receive words from the Senior Pastor of New Eglise Evangelique La Benediction from Cote d’Ivoire, Pastor Sam Ohene Mante. “As ministers of the Gospel, the words that we speak should give life and hope to the hearers. Let your words always be seasoned with grace and love. We should be like Jesus Christ. He is a master of words, not because of his eloquence but His words are full of the Spirit, and they carry life,” he said. 

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