The Month of Favor


“God is saying, ‘look beyond your ability, look beyond whether or not you qualified’!” —

“Favor means that God does something for you — blesses you — even when you don’t seem to deserve it,” the BLW President said to a global audience after glorious celebration at the announcement of May 2018 as ‘the Month of Favor’!

The man of God, Pastor Chris, followed up by unraveling the Spirit’s heart concerning the month with esteemed panelists, Pastor Ose Oyakhilome, Pastor Lawrence Ajiboye, Pastor Freedom-Wealth Eriya and Pastor Andrew Motunduro. “Meditate on it until everywhere you go, all you see, all you hear is favor,” Pastor Ose admonished the congregation, after describing the month as one of “extensive kindness, excessive demonstration of the love of God.”

Pastor Andrew encouraged to walk in humility in this month. “It’s time to favor me,” Pastor Lawrence continued, being backed up by Pastor Freedom who emphasized, using Psalm 102:13, the timing of God in favor. “You don’t achieve favor; it means that something is being done for you, being given to you; you’re being given an advantage in spite of your faults, your imperfections,” the BLW President added.

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  1. Ogechi Charis on

    Praise the Lord and my saviour Jesus Christ as I testify about the grace of God in my life
    Recently in the beginning months of this year there has been some ongoing challenges I was facing with a previous house property agent who came up malicious allegations on vandalisation of a property
    There was a large and unnecessary sum of money that was demanded from me and my family members.
    The issue was also taken to the tribunal court (*In Australia) and there was a legal court enforcement
    During these period of time I was studious and consistent with growing my knowledge and understanding of the word of God and desired a deeper hunger and passion with my fellowship with the Holy Spirit
    When the Man Of God Pastor Chris declared the month of May was my month of Favour I knew deep down in my spirit those words were for me; I listened to the communion service and took down notes and spent the time to meditate and listen to the teachings over and over again
    These built up my confidence in petitioning my case that was consistent with God’s perfect will for my life
    To the glory of my heavenly father the real estate property agent who was demanding a large sum of money from me finally only requested a very little sum of money from me at a convenient time. At first the real estate agent demanded that myself and my family members paid all the sum of money but i was not moved by their threats but instead remain steadfast in my faith and prayer of petition in overruling any negative verdict and enforcing God’s favor upon this case. And that is exactly what happened. The same real estate property owner who was sending me harassing and threatening emails is now making peace with me. HALLELUJAH I GIVE GOD THE GLORY FOR HIS GRACE
    I am highly expectant and excited to share more glorious and powerful testimony in my year of the SUPERNATURAL

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