Pastor Chris visits the Experiential Palmach Museum

About the Palmach, Pastor Chris said, “It also gets me thinking of what price many paid for the Gospel of Jesus Christ”

On this day of the Holy Land Tour with Pastor Chris 2018, Pastor Chris, along with other tourists, visits the Palmach Museum; an experiential museum that relays the incredible story of the elite striking force of the Haganah – the underground military organization of the Jewish Community in Palestine, prior to the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.

Expounding on this compelling Story of Palmach, Pastor Chris highlights what the young people did for the survival of Israel, tagging it as the same story of the Survival of the Church through several generations even unto this day.

More so, Pastor Chris commended the efforts of past martyrs and gospel crusaders saying, “What we enjoy today is based on the lives of many others; those who dared to be different, to stand their ground, for a just course, a true course and a right direction.”

Watch this insightful video and stayed tuned for more exciting updates of the Holy Land Tour
with Pastor Chris 2018.

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