Holy Land Tour 2018: The Powerful Ministration on The Southern Steps


The Holy Land Tour began at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv and reached its first destination, with a powerful ministration, on the Southern Steps of Jerusalem. God’s presence was tangible throughout the arena, as Pastor Chris taught from his depth and rich deposit of the knowledge of God’s Word. It was a perfect way to begin his tour in the Holy Land.

The Southern Steps is where Jesus Himself walked numerous times. This was the exact place where Jesus stood and spoke to His disciples, it was a momentous experience for all participants. The steps are located in Jerusalem, on the southern edge of the Western Wall. New and old stones are incorporated into the stairs, and Pastor Chris paid very close attention to this intricate details.

“When you come to Israel put the Bible in your heart and you will never be same again” 
“Every Bible believing Christian must love Israel. The reason is, you can’t love Jesus if you don’t love Israel”

These were some of the remarkable words spoken by Pastor Chris during the stopover at the Southern Steps.
The timing of Pastor Chris’s Bible Tour was perfect, as it coincided with the 70th year of the independence of the State of Israel. The Land of Israel tends to be extremely welcoming towards the Evangelical communities and was very excited about the visit of Pastor Chris and participants in the Holy Land tour with Pastor Chris.

The Holy Land tour experience in Israel with Pastor Chris, was filled with more exciting sites, from museums of the founding Father of the Zionist movement, to the Sea of Galilee, Hebron, Jordan and more.

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