Christ Embassy Benin Republic Fills Up Nation’s Largest Auditorium for Jesus


8,970 people experience the supernatural presence of God at ‘Total Experience Cotonou’.

On June 1st 2018, the city of Cotonou in the Republic of Benin received a visitation of favor from God through a ‘Total Experience’ with the esteemed Virtual Zonal Pastor of the EWCA Virtual Zone 2, Pastor Niyi Oluwole-Isaac. 8,970 people filled the ‘Hall des Arts’ auditorium in Cotonou, the largest crowd ever to be present at an event in the biggest indoor auditorium in the nation.

It was a night of praise and ministration of God’s word in power, resulting in miracles, salvation, and joy in the Holy Ghost. LMAM ministers from Christ Embassy Benin Republic created a conducive atmosphere for the supernatural through soul-stirring choruses in local dialects. All-Stars, Eben, Joe Praize and Testimony Mr. Jaga took the spiritual frenzy to new heights with their award-winning songs.

The esteemed Pastor Niyi taught on the person of Jesus, explaining to the crowd who Jesus is, what He came to do and his relevance today. “Jesus brought into this world a life without limits, and anyone who believes him would surely be free to enjoy that life — free from all sickness, disease and infirmity…poverty and death,” he said. 524 people believed this message and gave their hearts to Christ; they were immediately blessed with free copies of the Rhapsody Bible.

As Pastor Niyi demonstrated the power in the name of Jesus by commanding sicknesses to leave the people’s bodies, miracles began to take place. It was a night to remember, and the city of Cotonou can never be the same again.

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