THE PRAYER OF AGREEMENTThe prayer of agreement is one of the different kinds of prayer the Bible teaches on. This kind of Prayer involves two or more people joining their faith together and deciding to pray concerning anything in particular they desire. If for example, you want to effect a positive change in your job, family, health, or anything, call up someone who believes with you in the faith to pray in agreement with you.

The prayer of agreement is a sure way to get results, but be sure to follow its rules. First, the Scripture says if any of two of you shall agree; meaning it involves two or more people. Then it says as touching anything that they shall ask; that means you must be specific. Finally, you must pray in faith and in line with the Word.

Having done all that, you can be rest assured that your prayers would be answered. The Bible says, ‘…and this is the confidence that we have in him, that if we ask anything according to his will, he heareth us” (1 John 5:14).

The next time you want to effect a change concerning any situation, follow the rules of the prayer of agreement; it’s one of the sure ways of praying and getting results.

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  1. Michael Yovino on

    have your oray warrior agree in prayer

    with me for my brother vincent yovino , who is in the hospital and

    believe with me that all infections and bacteria is removed from his body

    in jesus name (mighty) and his brain and heart is healed

    and kidneys and blood pressure back to normal

    yes agree he is healed

    thank you mike

    call me at 7183747479

    after 11am please if pastor chris can call me please that would be nice if possible

  2. I love ❤ pastor. Christ preaching in superscreen tv.i hear is prayer every blessed day,I wan him 2 pray 🙏 4 me.i need a breakthrough in my family 👪.am Goddy by name.tnks GOD bless u.gud mornin

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