BLW citizens around the world express pour out praise like to God for a supernatural year.


BLW citizens around the world went to church today, equipped with their testimony of thanksgiving, offering of thanksgiving and prayers of thanksgiving, to express gratitude to God for a green year, a year of the supernatural, thus far.

The Half-Year Thanksgiving Services around the world were characterized by joyful singing and dancing in celebration of God’s wondrous works. With testimonies of victories over challenges, divine health, supernatural supply, extraordinary opportunities and so much more, the brethren have much to be grateful for.

As a ministry, the first half of the year 2018 has been replete with supernatural accomplishments, from the ‘Your LoveWorld’ broadcasts that impacted the whole world to the Healing School Autumn Session, the ISM Ministers’ Network Conference, the Holy Land Tour with Pastor Chris, the International Cell Leaders’ Conference and several other programs. The gratitude expressed toward God as a nation also extends to the glorious testimonies that will be recorded in this second half of the year.

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