Trauma Care International Recruits 4,000 Blood Donors from 20 Countries


TCIF becomes the first organization to recruit thousands of blood donors in 8 hours.
Over 4,000 registered voluntary blood donors were recruited over an 8-hour period from 20 countries during the first Global Voluntary Blood Donation Campaign of the Trauma Care International Foundation on Saturday, June 30th, a feat that has hitherto, not been accomplished by any organization.

Celebrated as the first of its kind, this laudable exercise held simultaneously between the hours of 10 am and 6 pm (GMT +1), with remarkable participation from scores of centres cutting across Africa, Asia, Europe and America. Participants turned out from various strata of society to express their kindness and love for humanity through blood donation.

The campaign is commemorative of the annual World Blood Donor Day, which is marked every June 14th. World Blood Donor Day is celebrated to motivate voluntary blood donors worldwide. It is an event set aside to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products, and to appreciate blood donors for their voluntary, life-saving gift of blood.

Blood donation is one of the highest forms of volunteering, hence TCIF’s Voluntary Blood Donation Initiative. Since the inception of this initiative, 21 of such voluntary blood drives have been organized across many countries, recruiting more than 10,000 blood donors. TCIF continues to contribute significantly to alleviate the challenges of emergency response in nations where the need is greatest and the help is least.

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