Thou shalt increase my greatness and comfort me on every side. Psalm 71:21

Some of the synonyms of the word “excellence” are superiority, extreme beauty, glory, and one more word, greatness. Excellence is greatness. “Greatness” here means, “surpassing others.” In other words, excellence makes you surpass others. This makes us understand people like Abraham and David who were described as great. Since greatness is a synonym of excellence, then Abraham and David were excellent men.

Excellence also means extra-ordinary discretion; it means having excellent perception. Many aren’t perceptive to the needs of others and their environment, and that’s what makes the difference between the greats and the smalls. Great people have great visions, and great visions don’t mean great plans or ambitions, but an extraordinary amplitude of perception-the ability to see so much at the same time.

The Spirit of God trains us to be excellent in different ways. Sometimes, He uses seemingly insignificant things to train us for greatness. Imagine you came into a room and saw a glass cup placed dangerously at the edge of a table. An excellent person will quickly make a move to prevent that cup from breaking. If you can rescue a dangerously placed cup, then God can trust you to rescue human beings. You’ll be more likely to see danger and do something about it to protect others.

If you consistently manifest excellence in the seemingly small things of life, you’re programming your spirit for greatness. Those little things you do on the outside are a reflection of the happenings on the inside. For instance, picking up litter from the floor depicts excellence in your spirit. Truly, excellence is greatness, for it makes you see all the little things that others ignore, thereby putting you ahead of them.


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