When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, There is lifting up… (Job 22:29).

The challenges of our day may be enormous, but amidst so much inflation, rising cost of living, you can still say, “When men are cast down, I am lifted up.” When you begin to feel the pressure and the economic squeeze, don’t complain; that’s the time to make the Word work. Get into your closet and begin to declare your prosperity and abundance in Christ. Proclaim that you’re the seed of Abraham; an heir of God, and a joint-heir with Christ.

When you have sufficiently proclaimed the Word over your situation, those confessions will dominate your senses, such that when you’re asked, “How are you?” you’ll say, “Great things are happening! Good things are coming my way today!” Halleluiah. If you don’t talk the Word, the system of this world will overwhelm you, and you’ll be a victim in life. With the Word in your mouth, you’ll blaze through every barrier in life.

An important principle you need to learn that’ll help you grow bigger financially is letting your mind soar beyond the prevailing economic situation around you. Think how big God is. Think about the whole world as yours, for it’s indeed yours: “…For all things are yours” (1 Corinthians 3:21). Learn the value of meditating on the Word of God; it’ll give you an extraordinary mind-set, such that you’re unperturbed in austere times.

Let the Word of God enlarge your vision. Refuse to see lack and want. Look beyond the horizon. Your prosperity should be born of the Word in spite of circumstances. Isaac prospered in the midst of harsh economic conditions. In a time of famine, the Bible says he prospered, waxed great, made progress, and grew until he became very great (Genesis 26). There’s so much treasure in your country; and like Isaac, amidst the seeming hardship, you can prosper, wax great, make progress and grow, and become very great.

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