Legacy Conference With Dr. Morris Cerullo



The God we serve is an awesome, incredible Spirit. He that must worship God must worship Him in spirit and in truth. The Holy Spirit is in this auditorium tonight. Tonight, so many will have answers to their Prayers. Thousands of people leaving this building after this meeting will find out that God has answered their Prayers. Lots of miracles; circumstances would have changed after tonight.

2 Chronicles 20:1-

It is the story of how the enemy rose against the people of God. The enemy will attack you for just one purpose: To destroy and cause you enough havoc in your family, circumstances, body and even your finances. There will be hundreds of family miracles tonight. You need to know the truth tonight and it’s going to make you free.

When the enemy attacked Jehoshaphat, he became afraid. How much do we give place to the power of fear? Nigeria belongs to Jesus. What do you do when the enemy attacks you so strong that you become afraid? What do you do when the enemy comes so strongly against you and your family or finances? I’ll tell you.

Jehoshaphat “set himself to seek the face of God”.  He did not allow Moab or the army of the enemy destroy him. “He set himself to pray”. What are you setting yourself to do? This can be your moment when you’d pass the test and trials that are rising up against you. It’s the power of prayer. What is going to be your defining moment? You need to know how to pray. Jehoshaphat called a fast, adults, children, even the animals. This was a defining moment for all of Israel and he exempted none because he knew it had to be victory.

What am about to tell you will unlock doors for you. Jesus prayed with such intensity so much so the disciples beckoned on him to teach them to pray. Jehoshaphat learnt the key. Do you know that when we pray, we are not praying to be heard of men?  Many are yet to realize that whenever they open their mouth to pray, they are talking directly to the one who said “Let there be light and there was light”. Jehoshaphat knew he was talking to the one who said, let there be light and there was light. He wasn’t praying to man. All of Nigeria belongs to God, God rules over everything.

Tonight, I want you to learn this little secret: Take His Word, put it in front of your circumstances and say Remember Lord “You said” “You Told Us” I am talking about (The word)

– Jehoshaphat heard a voice. A prophet said:  “The battle is not yours but God’s”. The victory is God’s. (Prophecy) – Jehoshaphat was then faced with the responsibility of preparing his army for battle. How will you prepare yourself for battle? They left the chariots at home, soldiers gave way to the priests, they were (“Shouting and praising God”)


How many of you believe God still speaks to people and still has Prophets today?

 Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets. (Amos: 3:7).

God is about to do something in Nigeria that has never happened before. He’s going to do something even in your own life today. Surely, the Lord God will do nothing except he first reveals his secrets unto his servants the Prophet. This nation of Nigeria is about to become one of the first truly Christian Nation.

I’m not talking about Naira, I’m talking about a heaven open upon this nation. It will bring about the greatest demonstration of God’s power.  Remember Paul the great apostle, he wanted to go to Rome to testify of the power of God. The reason he wanted to go was because God put something inside of him, a gift to give to them. He longed to deposit these gifts in them.

Today, for about three hours I laid before our Lord. I may never be here again, but before I leave, God has given me a gift to leave with you. It’s greater than the gift of healing or miracles.

Jesus came because there was a score God had to settle, that satanic being that made himself equal with God. He had a plan and that plan is 1 John 3:8. He sent his son for this purpose only. The devil is not just wounded, he is destroyed. Thank God it’s over.

The God you and I serve is a God of purpose. Tonight God is bestowing upon you the gift of discerning of spirits, “The gift of discernment”. God will do nothing unless he first reveals it to you. The secrets of God, they are yours. You’re never going to be the same, you’re going to know when to turn to the left or right. The foreknowledge of God is upon you.

My heartbeat is one word sayeth the Lord: Souls, souls, souls. It’s for the lost, those who do not know my Son. It’s for my people. Reach out and bring the lost to me. Go bring in the lost.


This is my time and hour I am going to sweep this nation and bring in souls. My heartbeat is for souls, it’s for the lost. Bring in the lost, bring in the unsaved.  Nigeria can be the first country in this world that will be a thorough Christian nation. Now is the time, now is the hour. Seasons are important. Now is the time, not next week, not next month. Now is the time. A new anointing (Grace) is coming upon you. SOULS! SOULS!. I am ready to be used by you, to heal the sick, to cast out devil.

God is going to reveal secrets to you. There’s a new power coming upon you right now. Your life is going to be changed. There’s a power upon you. You will speak and the devil will obey your voice, you’re going to have unusual power. You will experience to your amazement you will cast out devils and heal the sick. You will no longer be intimidated or fearful because God has given you the spirit of discernment.

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