A Copy Of Rhapsody I Saw In My Hotel Room Changed My Life!


“I use to be very bitter with people; Always discussing them. In my office, I spoke ill of my colleagues in their absence. Many times, I got up from such discussions feeling terribly bad.

On the 8th of February 2015, I checked into my hotel room just to find a copy of Rhapsody of Realities by the side of my bed.

I opened it and selected an article at random, it was the article of October 2014 with a topic “Sustain the Programming of Good in You”

It was that morning I saw myself in the light of God’s Word; I found out I was doing something horrible, corrupting my spirit rather than doing myself good.

I vowed that I would no longer speak hurtful words against people, rather I confess that THE WISDOM OF GOD IS STIRRED IN ME TODAY!

How powerful is the Word of God to save and deliver. I am delivered from the power of using my tongue wrongly. Praise God, the Most High! Amen.”

Sis Mgbeorurukwe E.

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