You’re Divinely Protected


 Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm (1 Chronicles 16:22)

In the scripture above, God wasn’t just referring to anointed prophets as Moses, Elijah, and Elisha; He was referring to all His kids. We’re His anointed ones! Anyone that dares to touch or harm you will automatically incur God’s wrath, for His watchful eyes of protection are forever upon you. That’s why He admonishes us repeatedly in scripture not to fear.

You’re divinely protected from the peril and evil in the world. The Bible says “A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee (Psalm 91:7). Jesus also said in Luke 10:19 “…and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

Understand that your life is hid with Christ in God (Colossians 3:3); therefore, you’re divinely protected. It’s impossible for the enemy to get to you and harm you, for he’ll have to get to God first. God never allows the enemy the opportunity to harm or take advantage of His kids: “He suffered no man to do them wrong: yea, he reproved kings for their sakes” (1 Chronicles 16:21).


For example, God had to rebuke King Abimelech for the sake of His prophet Abraham. Abimelech had taken Sarah, Abraham’s wife, for himself. But God appeared to Abimelech in a dream and urged him to restore Abraham’s wife, or face the death penalty (Genesis 20:2-3). This shows how much the Father watches over us with holy jealousy.


The Bible says you’re the apple of God’s eye: “For thus saith the Lord of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye (Zechariah 2:8). Since God will not allow anyone poke Him in the eye, it therefore means He won’t allow anyone hurt or harm you. No wonder he says `no weapon formed against you shall prosper’ (Isaiah 54:17).

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  1. My Testimony of my Experience at the Healing School in Toronto Ontario,Canada
    My name is Maureen O’Neil. I am 52 years of age. I write this testimony of my miraculous healing in Honour of Almighty Father God.
    I attended the healing School in August 2014. I found out about the Healing School at my church in Montreal Qc. I said to the Father God, “I would love to go there to be healed” I did not have the funds at that time. A few days later funds arrived out of nowhere as God paid to make sure I had enough to attend the Healing School. Glory be to God. I wouldn’t have even asked him for as much as he provided. So I rented a room close to the Church and attended the Healing School for the two weeks.
    On day one I already felt the presence of the Lord you could feel it everywhere and I never felt it like that before especially being in a place with so many strangers from all over the world. Just being in the Lord’s presence was such a blessing.
    I knew this is a very special place and not to take it for granted in any way.
    The Healing School is exactly that, it is a school to teach you about healing and knowing who you/we all are in the Body of Christ. The devil is a liar and when we know we are in the body of Christ we can’t be sick because Lord Jesus is not sick so neither can we be, Please remember that and say it to yourself until you are blessed with it. This is a gift and a blessing from God.
    “I’m in your Body Precious Jesus, so I can’t be sick as you are never sick. Please heal me as I honour and praise you. I want to be a walking testimony so you get all the Honour and Glory!
    I went to the Healing School because I had an illegal microchip implanted in me when I was an infant by horrible doctor’s who experimented on orphan children. I suffered my whole life and tried to end my life as a teenager a few times. One day Reverend Brown said to me I know it’s hard but if you take your life you will only suffer and won’t go to Heaven. The good doctors told me we can’t take it out as it’s like a bullet you must leave it in as there is so much tissue surrounding it.
    I had to endure a horrible life and torment from this. I would hear voices, have many psychic attacks day and/or night. There would be stalking and the stalkers sometimes had devices on them they would shock me with and laugh. They were horrible evil people. No one was able to help me so I seen many doctors over the years not to lose my mind or commit suicide. I said to Father God please either get this microchip out of me or disable it and I won’t take my life as it was truly unbearable. I could not share my story with friends as I was afraid they would be hurt too. I wouldn’t even marry as I was afraid they would also be attacked. I could only sleep with a night lite on as they did use shock to wake me and never let me sleep and I found with a light on it was less frequent for some reason. I suffered from sleep deprivation for many years. They made me lose all my pretty hair and damaged nerves in my body and my teeth.
    Unfortunately I believe more and more Pastor’s are going to be hearing of cases similar to mine. We must always pray for Pastor’s and leaders of the Church as they hear our sometimes horrible stories. They are people too and must be upset when they hear some of the atrocities going on in the world. So many young people are suffering and have no idea what is really happening to them.
    I believe many young people suffer from this type of attack. I know in my case doctors told me I was a victim of MK-ultra some horrible evil experiment that had to do with hitler technology and cia. In the 60’s they used it on orphans as they called us throw away babies. These evil doctors used to torture us at the hospital with electric shock n drugs and those of us who survived got the microchip. They shaved the back of my tiny head and implanted a microchip in me and the other children so they can further experiment on us.
    The technology used today in hidden RFID chips/tags is different than what was used on infants in the sixties. I believe it’s much worse today and that is why so many people take their lives. In a way I was lucky a good doctor told me what had happen’d to me. They even took my memory from me and I suffered many panic attacks as many people do today. I was told the chip’s today are like a grain of rice and it can easily be injected through vaccines or by freezing for teeth repair. I certainly don’t want to frighten anyone, and the nurses giving these vaccines aren’t aware of what’s in them. I also don’t trust a certain politician/leader in our world (no name mentioned) as they were giving free vaccines to all their people of the certain country and I knew they are likely chipping as many people as they can.
    My advice to you is this: if you suffer from physic attacks, hear voices or subliminal messages in your head, suffer from panic attacks, addictions or manipulation, intense fear, stalking, you most likely have been chipped.
    The good news is this: I suffered horribly from it and when I attended the healing school God Healed me.
    Everyone who works at the Healing School is greatly anointed. I belonged to a group called Shekhinah and Mommy was the leader of the group. I did not tell her or other students of my ordeal as it was very embarrassing for me & I knew the evil people could hear every word I said from the microchip.
    One day Mommy said to us fast tomorrow and I will pray over you in a private room. I could not have ever expected what happened. We were in the room and it was my turn. Mommy looked at me deep in my eyes grabbed my head blew on me and yelled HEAL! not even a minute after as I was dazed, I felt a beautiful sensation directly where the microchip was in my head and I said to God I’m in shock. I’m a bit embarrassed to say I did look for it on the floor and did not see it so he must have it for judgement day on those people. I would only used it to seek revenge, however I have since forgiven all those people and my faith is greater than even I could have thought possible.
    Many people who were in my group reported healings as well, very beautiful stories. The Healing School is part of Heaven on earth. It truly is a Blessing to all who are chosen by God to attend. Many of us realized that a few days in we would say to each other God put me here. We all knew without a doubt we were only there because of Father God.
    The Healing school completely changed my life and many other people whom I only met there forever. My life has not been the same Glory to God! I sleep without a light ever since and I belong to a prayer line 6 days a week we praise our beautiful Lord God. I read the bible every day. I absolutely know the microchip is no longer active or out of me as I don’t have stalkers any more, I don’t have electrical shock burning inside my body. I had an issue with blood that the good doctor’s couldn’t stop! which was also healed even before I met Pastor. I hear the voice of God! he actually speaks to me. I’ve had encounters with Jesus and the Holy Ghost.
    I am still an enemy of satan Praise Jesus so in that regard we’re all the same. The tools I use are worship from my spirit, praise prayer for all humanity and prayer we all become one Jews and gentiles the whole world One in the Body of Christ. I forgive everyone. This is exactly what God wants. We are so blessed and until we know who were are we are leaving all our beautiful God given gifts/blessings behind us. One of which is Divine Health.
    I’m Jewish and I say this prayer facing East on my knees each day. I face east toward Jerusalem as this is the chosen place and very dear to God’s heart. LORD in Hebrew is: I was, I am and I always will be.
    Shalom in Hebrew is: Tranquility, abundance of food, clothing, shelter/housing, justice, divine health with no sickness, it also means peace and an absent of: injustice, disorder, corruption ,conflict, lack, hatred, abuse, pain and so on, all the negative forces. I pray for Shalom on the whole nation of Israel and Jerusalem and all the world as I know God has always had a plan and I want to get as close to his heart as possible. His heart want’s all humanity to become one in the Body of Christ. We all have to be grafted in Jews and the rest of the world all one in the body of Christ.
    I have no doubt you will be healed as I saw miraculous true healings right before my eyes. God wants to heal you more than you want your healing.
    My prayer: My Heavenly Father, in Jesus name I come to you, never my name,
    “Our Father, Sanctified is your name, Holy Holy is your name, who are in the Heavens,
    Your Kingdom must come right now, Your will MUST be done right now,as in Heaven so on Earth.
    Please give me wisdom n knowledge as I need tons of it, Please give me all my blessings today as everything you give me stays with me to give you the Honour and Glory, Please give me Revelation of your Holy Word,
    I pray Shalom on all of Israel and Jerusalem as I know how much this means to your heart and the enemy tries to steal it from you daily, I pray Shalom, Shalom Shalom on the entire world so you get all the Glory n Honour
    Please forgive my sins (I will repent of anything) as I have forgiven everyone of all sin against me Large and small, wash me as white as snow so I can stand beside you as thou I haven’t sinned, Thank you for your blessing as I know once forgiven it is gone
    Do not lead me into temptation and protect me completely from the evil one. so on………
    To the Precious Saints who all work at the Healing School. I thank you with all my being. One day it was before the day started and I walked into the kitchen to get water and I witnessed all of you hugging and praying intensely for all of our healing! You were all praying privately so no one can see it was amazing how you pray for us on top of all you already do. You are truly part of the reason we receive blessings and healings even before we meet Precious Pastor. There is a huge anointing in the whole church because of all of you. There must be special places for you in Heaven because you go over and beyond to help us, you really care!
    You sacrifice so much of your time and even attend church on sunday. May our Heavenly Father God Bless you in all that you do. Many of us said you are also greatly responsible for the anointing in the entire atmosphere. I saw healings like I’ve never seen anywhere in my life. There truly is no place like the Healing School! Imagine a completely burnt out soul like me got healed at your Healing School and no Good Doctor in the world could help me except talk me through it all.
    Pastor Chris you have been blessed by our Heavenly Father. You are truly a Man of God. I pray he rains blessings on you even more as you are so passionate and real in all that you do. You work so hard to make sure God receives his Honour n Glory. With every soul you heal mentally and physically, God’s glorious light shines brighter and brighter. What a beautiful passionate man of God you are. It’s only since I attended the Healing School I’ve had great experiences with the Holy Ghost and I now hear God’s audible voice often. I thank you for bringing me back to life as there was very little left in me. Precious Pastor All Mighty God used YOU to bring me back alive and well all the way home. Through your teaching and my experience at the Healing School I truly know EVERYTHING/ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE THROUGH GOD.

    Thank you to Everyone at the Healing School may God bless you in so many ways for all that you do. I would not be alive today if it weren’t for all of you!

    Let Everything That Has Breath, Praise The Lord

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