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Glory to God! So many lives have been blessed and transformed via the ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris on the internet. Several millions around the globe continue to experience the efficacy of God’s Word in their lives as they receive and put to work the teachings of the man of God.

Today, we bring you a selection of some of these inspiring accounts. Read and also take advantage of this platform to glorify the Lord as you share your own testimonies and experiences with the world. God bless you!


Saved My Family From Suicide and Financial Ruins Through Worship!

Through the Christ Embassy Online website article, “How to Minister to the Lord,” I encountered experiences of great divine ministrations in my life.

I have been a teacher for 17years and I’m married. I went through financial weaknesses from month to month. Every month we collected loans to survive. A while ago, I successfully obtained loans from a couple of banks but my wife and I could not understand what was happening to us as we almost lost our house. The banks put up the “SOLD” sign in front of our home. I would meet my wife in tears every day when I got home from work. We could not understand what we were going through. We literarily experienced a financial breakdown. Nothing seemed to work for us. We then decided to end our lives; my wife took pills and I wanted to cut my throat because a voice had told me to do so. I had literally left my body at that time, but another voice told me to stop and I obeyed. Then I went over to my wife’s room and tried to stop her, but she had already taken the pills. She had locked the door and I tried to break it down. Although, she stopped anyway; she still took ill after that incident.

We read the website article titled, “How to minister to the Lord,” and as a result of what we learnt we decided to pray together every night. And for the first time, we felt that burden go away after praying. We put our trust in the Lord Almighty and worshipped him. We continued to minister to the Lord this way and everything fell in place. I have now received wisdom on how to handle my money. I can see my money now! Praise the Lord for He is good! AMEN!

Jury L. (South Africa)


Enjoying the Ministration of Angels

The Christ Embassy Online website articles kept me on the victorious path throughout. The articles helped me build my faith so strong for every challenge that I was faced with. Thank you for the articles pastor Sir. I am grateful to the sweet Holy Spirit who reveals to us truths concerning our journey every month. I worked miracles upon miracles this month.

A remarkable example was when I left my house to go to work with my gas cooker still on. I had been heating up some food in a little pot that morning. Pastor, I had travelled 30mins (long enough to cause a fire disaster) before my spirit brought it to my mind. I panicked for a few seconds as pictures of my house on fire flashed across my mind; but then I remembered that it was my month of victories. So, I said aloud; “I must have a testimony from this.” Immediately I spoke in tongues, then I instructed the angels to go and quench the fire. Pastor, it was remarkable that even the food in the pot was not burnt! Glory to God! Thank you pastor Sir for making us a wonder through God’s Word.

Jaiye (Nigeria)

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  1. i am going to receive a testimony this month praise God in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth my family and i will bare fruit this seasons i speak restoration,Education,healing,deliverance,good health and strength and salvation today right now in the name of Jesus

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