More Inspiring Testimonies of Supernatural Victories!


Glory to God! It’s been an awesome time of victories in the month of July. So many believers around the world experienced supernatural victories in their lives as they put the Word of God to work this month of July.

Below is a selection of some of these inspiring accounts. We invite you to read and also to take advantage of this platform to glorify the Lord for all the victories He brought your way this month. Remember that when you testify of God’s goodness, the miracles become established in your life. God bless you!


Testimony from Deacon Okwuchukwu (Lagos Zone2 Nigeria)

July 2013 was my best month so far in 2013. It was a month heaped with testimonies upon testimonies for family, my ministry and me.

I travelled to the village for my uncle’s burial. During the burial there were lots of greetings, hugging and holding hands with the villagers. All of a sudden, I discovered that my left fingers couldn’t hold objects firmly anymore. I started feeling funny on my left hand and leg. The feeling was so strong that even to hold a phone firmly became a problem. I knew immediately that a spiritual missile (stroke – partial paralysis) had been shot at me. I was sensing paralysis on the left-hand side of my body. I wasn’t scared Pastor. I knew what to do! Several teachings taught me by my man of God – Pastor Chris kept echoing from my spirit. Immediately I started releasing Words – speaking forth God’s Word from Psalm 91, Isaiah 10:27, Isaiah 54:13-17 (Pastor taught us this during the last Bible Study Preparatory Class), Psalm 23:4 and 2 Timothy 1:7. The more I spoke, the bolder I became. The Spirit of the Lord kept encouraging me to speak forth, reminding me the right scriptures to release from my spirit. When I was through I knew I was indeed far from any oppression, terror or fear. I never bothered again even though the feeling (or sensation) was still there strongly. I remembered that Jesus cursed the tree and it died from its root. So I kept testifying from then on. Two days later, every feeling or sensation was completely gone. The devil is a looser and will always be a looser.


Thank You Pastor for everything. You have made me a champion and a superstar. I am in charge of my world. I am getting greater and greater by the day and I owe everything to you sir. God bless you sir.



 Testimony From Mercy (UK)

Glory to God our Father for this month of victory. Where do I begin as my daughter, my family and I have experienced so many victories in these past weeks?

First, my indefinite leave was finally granted me. I sold off my car and money came forth to me for a much better car. My cousin’s wedding was also a success. My two-year-old daughter is living in God’s wisdom so much and excelling through life as one of the fastest learning and well-spoken child EVER. Hallelujah! So many doors of opportunities, promotion and increase have come my way this month. Money keeps locating me everywhere and anywhere. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!


Heavenly Father, I just want to use this opportunity to express my great gratitude for my man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. I pray that as You use him in blessing us your children with Your Words of power and wisdom and in realizing all the other blessings You have given unto us; whatever he and his family desires be granted unto them in multi-folds in Jesus name. Amen!


I Love You Pastor Chris and my daughter Jessica LOVES You much more Sir!



 Testimony from Nontsikelelo (South Africa)

Thank you Pastor Sir. Thank you Holy Spirit. This month was indeed a month of victories in every area of my life. I experienced victories in my health, finances and more. I have encountered tremendous victory. Things just spontaneously happened without effort during the month. The dilemmas moved by the Holy Spirit, the walls fell effortless; I am so grateful to the lord and to you Pastor Sir for always teaching us the infallible Word of God. I have learnt to meditate on the Word of God and to be conscious that Christ has done it all and that I don’t have to beg, be in lack or allow sickness ion my body. All these were taken care of 2000 years ago… I learnt that there is nothing insurmountable with God and I can call those things that are not as though they are. I learnt that I can create my own future with my tongue and that I am not the poor nor the sick but the rich and the healed one.


God has parted my red sea; He made a way for me where there seemed to be no way. He has been so merciful, gracious and full of compassion. I am moving from glory to glory. I am advancing, making progress, singing songs and I continued in prayer in month of victories. I am so favoured and His grace is so sufficient for me and I reign in life by one Jesus Christ. I dominate in every circumstance by the Spirit of God. I have learnt to live without fear for he has not given me the spirit of fear but of love, power and of a sound mind .The Word of God can never fail and God does not change; He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is the omniscient and omnipresent. He is able. He is Jehovah and He has been so good to me. I am so grateful for all you have done in my life this month.


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