Read These Inspiring Accounts of the Efficacy of God’s Word


Glory to God! So many lives have been blessed and transformed via the ministry of the man of God, Pastor Chris. Through various platforms like the internet and mobile platforms, television, radio, books, CDs, DVDs, a vast network of churches and campus fellowships, conferences and healing services; several millions continue to experience supernatural victories in their lives as they receive and put the Word of God to work.

Below is a selection of some of these inspiring accounts. We invite you to read and also to take advantage of this platform to glorify the Lord as you share your own testimonies. Remember that when you testify of God’s goodness, the miracles become established in your life. God bless you!



Thank you so much Pastor for teaching us how to maintain our package of Blessings given to us by God. I and my entire family have been so blessed. We had extra prayer times, besides the Yookos Global prayer sessions with our man of God, Pastor Chris. Indeed, great things began to happen in our lives;  one that stood out is the final year results of our children.

One of our kids fell sick two days to the start of her exam and only through prayers could we bring her back to normal for her to be able to sit for her exams till the end. HALLELUJAH!

Two days to her exams, which was supposed to commence on Monday, she fell sick. She had attempted suicide by taking an overdose of pills in order to end her life.  As a result of this, she experienced nauseating feelings and vomited frequently… She told us later that a voice asked her to drink the pills because she’s not worthy to live with us and also to live on this earth. In fact, the voice told her so many evil things that I can’t take time here to mention.

She became so weak and could not even stand on her feet. We gathered together in the house on Sunday evening (which was the next day) and prayed. After that, we decided to pray every 1:00am (family prayer chain), and each member of the family had to pray at that particular time no matter where he or she was.

Pastor, that prayer chain still continues in our home till this day. After the prayers that Sunday evening, we gave her some milk to drink. Praise God! On the Monday of her exams, she got up strong and ready for the exam. The GCE (General Certificate of Education) exam took three weeks and to the glory of God, there wasn’t  a day she could not sit for her exams. She even got up every morning to revise her work. Guest what? When the results came out, she was successful in six of her papers which was more than what was required. Praise the Lord!

I’m very grateful to God for June, the month of prayer, for it made us to pray fervently and achieve results. Not just ordinary but extraordinary results. I told my child that she must pass because the God I serve is a living and faithful God, and HE has made us victorious in every situation in life no matter what. In every situation we are faced with, our end is VICTORY! Thank you Pastor!



It all began one Saturday morning in Nigeria, when I had to travel from Benin to Asaba.  I hurriedly stepped out  with my bags, suit and the bread (that I had bought), leaving behind my laptop bag in the cab. This bag also contained all my school and travel documents. When I got home,  I remembered that I had left my laptop bag in the cab.

This was an overwhelming experience for me because I needed those vital documents for a job interview and also, a passport which I required for an international exam that I was scheduled to write was also in that bag. At first, I was calm on the outside but troubled on the inside, because my documents don’t have any contact number on them. Then I remembered a message by Pastor Chris that I had watched. In that message he said, ‘when you need something done or when you are going through a difficult situation, don’t fret; rather start singing “wonderful Jehovah, Jehovah wonderful”. I sang it while still wondering around my neighbourhood, and I also spoke in tongues a little bit. I said to God, ‘You are the Omniscient God, you know where my bag is and where I am now, please if there is no contact on the documents, put one’, and then I made a pledge to Him. After a few minutes, I got a call from the cab driver, telling me that my bag and documents were safe. The next day, I got the bag with everything complete. Nothing missing! This is my testimony. It was indeed a miracle! Thank you Sir!

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  1. pastor oliver kumar on

    Respected Pastor,
    Praise the lord
    Dear Pastor,
    chris and Sister (Pastor) Anita Praise the lord . When I have read your book Vastavik sangrah I feel very happy from the bottom of the heart.I feel very entrusted and very excited . Yes I fell that like that I do for god. I give thise book to other pastors when they have read this book they feel very happy. They thanks for me for this book. They say that they got god blessing from this book. I tell them I can`t do anything for us but pastor krish do any things for us This is gift form you pastor krish and sister ( Pastor) Anita I have taught a lot of things from this book for my minister . All People is very happy from this book. We convey the secret of truth. really you make this book very hard working. I not only thanks you also other people who help you ti make this book. Other people who help the spread our literature to different places we pray for you that our service grow more and more and spread every where.
    Now I want to tell you about my prayer. I do may prayer service in slam area and poor part of village. I go to village to village to spread the god`s promises some pastor with me do god service by riding bicyclist. They distribute literature book to people 20-25 Km. every day. I pray for people. I request you to send your literature for us. People got blessing of god. It god service god makes enjoy in heaven. I don’t have church building. I have a lot of people in minister people can`t properly teaching. It you help us we make a nice and very carefully do god service. I have lot children they need your help so I request you please pray for us. God bless you I am always thankful to your kindly help and I pray for god service

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